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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

One Lazy Journalist's Hit Job On Harry Reid

By now, you have probably heard about the AP's story on Harry Reid and some property issue. I don't quite get what it's all about and, frankly, I don't care. That said, I know a hit-job when I see one. Why?

For one, the timing of the article makes you suspicious. The article by John Solomon came a couple of days after reports about Senator George "Macaca" Allen's non-disclosure of some of his stocks came to light. That actually seemed kinda interesting but, hey it's just not as juicy as the "macaca" stuff, so it didn't stick. The article also came out 4 weeks before an election that could make Harry Reid majority leader of the Senate. Hmm.

Timing is one thing but when your story just doesn't add up (read the Gleaner's comments on this), people will be left with a feeling that there's more to the story behind the story. And, surprise, there is. From Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo:

I know a number of people who know or have worked for Solomon. And I've never gotten the impression that Solomon has any political or ideological ax to grind. His rep is as an easy mark for oppo researchers peddling their wares -- and from both sides.

Here's what one former colleague of Solomon's said last week: "I worked [X] years in the same office as Solomon, sometimes with him. The consensus: he's lazy, and takes hit jobs handed him on a platter by opps research teams (and anyone will do.) And doesn't do much to clean it up. I also know one of his fave and frequent sources is Barbara Comstock, former DOJ spxwoman and GOP attack dog."


On Reid, I think it's a combination of two things. One, as I said, he's an easy mark for oppo researchers peddling stuff that other journos didn't think met the laugh test. And two, he hasn't really landed a punch yet and Reid's fought back. So now it's a bit personal.
Just great, a lazy reporter who now has a personal thing going with Senator Reid. Go read the entire post over at TPM. Josh Marshall has some great links.


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