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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Doolittle: "Truly Shameful"

Nope, that's not some blogger speaking here and not some letter-writer either. "Truly shameful" is the headline of an editorial in today's Sacramento Bee. Apparently Rep. John Doolittle will go to any lengths to win reelection this fall. According to the Bee he has sent out a bogus poll via email on official letterhead that asked: "Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote in our elections?"

That question is followed by a barrage of unsubstantiated claims about the amount of illegal voting going on. Of course all of those claims turn out to be not true. The Sacramento Bee has some choice words on Doolittle's little poll and his claims:

This is nothing but scaremongering and electioneering. The question itself is silly, and Doolittle knows it.

Either that or he's just plain dumb. I mean, you just never know. However, it's good to know the Bee's still giving a Congressman the benefit of the doubt.

So, is Doolittle playing the race card in order to win this fall? The Bee's not calling him a racist but you can read it between the lines:

The plain fact is that voting by illegal immigrants is not a big problem calling for draconian solutions. Equally plainly, Doolittle's "poll" is a sham. So is his claim that "thousands of illegal immigrants" are voting.

Doolittle knows all of this. That makes this e-mail and his efforts to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment all the more shameful.

Read the whole editorial here to get all the details of this story.

And support Charlie Brown for Congress. He can beat the shameful Congressman! You can contribute to Charlie here.

Sunday News Roundup

All of a sudden a whole bunch of papers require registration to read their stories. These include the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, The Record-Courier, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The regional papers around Tahoe don't even consider the possibility that people abroad may read their papers which becomes apparent when you have to fill out the registration. Well, thanks for that!

  • The Reno Gazette-Journal again pitches its voters guide which actually is quite good. (Link)
  • There are two good letters to the editor in today's RGJ. One by Ann Harmon of Zephyr Cove encouraging readers to vote for Dina Titus in the primary and another one Gene deRuelle of Reno giving us some insight into the movie equipment rental business re Double Barb and the adult industry. (Link) and (Link)
  • The Record-Courier has a report of a candidates' gathering in Genoa. (Link)
  • Somehow all the negative ads hasn't depressed voter turnout. Yet. At least early voting has had a good start. Let's wait till the 15th to see how many people actually voted. The Nevada Appeal. (Link)
  • "Who is Chaz Higgs?" asks the Las Vegas Sun and gives a thorough answer. (Link)
  • Well, Jim Gibson has some friends. Among newspaper reporters and editors. The Las Vegas Sun endorses the Henderson mayor in the Democratic primary and Erin Neff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal says she'll vote for him because she wants "a Democrat to run the State". Now, that's some warped logic! And, as if that weren't enough she tells Republicans to vote for Bob Beers. Goodness gracious. (Link) and (Link)
  • In its Washington Digest the Review-Journal notes the votes of Nevada's congressional delegation this week, including a bill written by the ensignificant Senator that would outlaw to "transport a minor across state lines for an abortion in order to avoid parental notification." Another step to totally outlaw abortion by the right and another reason to vote for Jack Carter. Again, Nevada's Democratic Senator Harry Reid, disappoints. He voted for this bill along with Ensign. While the bill passed 65-34 it was put on hold by Sen. Dick Durbin, the Minority Whip. California Sen. Barbara Boxer voted against the bill - as did a couple of Republican Senators. What's up with that Senator Reid? Sen. Dianne Feinstein did not vote. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee takes a look at the evolvement of Latino politics in a lengthy article. (Link)
  • The LA Times runs a book excerpt on the Arnold's relationship with the teachers union. In case you're wondering what the German "Dummkopf" in the graphic means, it can be literally translated to "dumbhead" or just "stupid". (Link)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Letter Of The Day - "Doolittle And Morality"

Today's letter of the day was written by Darrell Walker of Lincoln and published in the Sacramento Bee:

Rick Morgan's letter ("Doolittle foes' short memories," July 24) amazed me with its warped logic. Morgan attempted to justify Congressman John Doolittle's immorality by pointing to previous practitioners of sleazy behavior. Yes, politicians of both parties bend rules to their personal benefit, and they should be slammed for it.

Did Doolittle use his wife to skim off a percentage of his political money and put it in his bank account? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle vote for Bush's imperialistic war in Iraq? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle vote for tax cuts for the wealthy while supporting benefit cuts for the poor? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle grease the skids for Indian casinos while supposedly being opposed to gambling? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle vote to give huge cash benefits to Big Oil and Big Drug companies? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle take money from a defense contractor and push through acquisition of a weapon the Pentagon did not want? That was immoral.

Beneficiaries of Doolittle's immorality are glad to cross his palm with handsome checks. That is immoral.

There is a vast difference between illegal and immoral. It's time to put morality back into the public sphere.

The moral choice in this district is Charlie Brown. Check out his website or contribute to Charlie here.

Saturday News Roundup

So, that's what you get for being behind on your news roundup. A whole lot of stories to write about in one roundup. Bear with me.

The reason I didn't blog in the last two days was that it was generally just too hot. We had so many days now in the 90's and 100's that it's hard to count. It will turn out to be the hottest July in Germany on record. So, if you think only Americans are suffering from the heat, most of Europe isn't doing much better. Yesterday, I was grocery shopping in France. And while it may sound a little over the top, it's pretty much like living at Tahoe and driving to Reno to shop at Costco. It's about an hours drive to the border and they have a lot of different things in stock in French supermarkets than they have in German ones and the other way around. So, there's a lot of border-crossing going on. Thankfully, nowadays with the open borders and the Euro it's very easy to do so.

But on with the news roundup. Since it's so much I've seperated by paper to make it easier on the eye:

  • Apparently, many people in Incline Village don't like campaign signs. At least there were a lot of written complaints recently. The North Lake Tahoe Bonanza reports. (Link)
  • Andrew Pridgen writes a good editorial in the Bonanza on affordable housing and Incline Village. (Link)

  • 62 employees of Albertson's lose their job in South Lake Tahoe due to the grocery store closing this week. The Tahoe Daily Tribune tells the story of two of those 62. (Link)
  • An elected official going awol. It happens. In Tahoe. The Tribune has more. (Link)

  • Early Voting for the primaries on August 15th begins today. The Reno Gazette-Journal has a story with voting info. The Nevada Appeal also has some info. (Link) and (Link)
  • The Gazette-Journal also reports on the four Republican candidates in Assembly district 39 vying to win the primary and take on Democrat JoEtta Brown in November. (Link)
  • Former State Sen. Lawrence Jacobsen of Gardnerville died this week at age 85. He was Republican member of the State Senate for 40 years. There are several editorials and stories in Nevada papers. Reno Gazette-Journal. (Link) The Record-Courier. (Link) and (Link)
  • There is an interesting letter in the RGJ that suggests that the negative ads by Krolicki might backfire. (Link)

  • The Record-Courier says it's your duty to vote in a very good editorial. Some quotes. On candidates: "Some are famous, some obscure, and some are infamous." On uninformed voters: "We've said it before and we'll say it again - an uninformed voter is like a monkey with a hand grenade." On why you should vote: "So while you're thinking about vacation, think about who will be hanging around in the heat deciding your future. And then vote." (Link)
  • There was a report a couple of days ago about the west-nile virus being detected in Tahoe. Seems, it wasn't just one case. The Record-Courier and the Nevada Appeal. (Link) and (Link)

  • The Appeal also carries an AP story on a memorial service in the Nevada Assembly chambers held for Kathy Augustine this week. (Link)
  • Imagine raising $4 million and then losing the primary. Could happen to Goverwannabe Jim Gibbons in a couple of weeks. Just a feeling I have. An AP story on his fundraising in the Nevada Appeal. (Link)
  • The editor of the Nevada Appeal is so fed up with negative campaign ads that he proposes reality TV for candidates. I propose the editor get himself another beer and rethink this horrible suggestion. Yikes! (Link)

  • J. Patrick Coolican of the Las Vegas Sun has the same feeling I have: Jim Gibbons just may lose his primary against Bob Beers. Now, that'd be funny. (Link)
  • The sun also takes a look at the TV debate between Dina Titus and Jim Gibson. (Link)
  • And another look by Coolican at the Democratic primary and the mud-slinging between Titus and Gibson. He cites the positive (say what?) and negative effects for the eventual victor. Me, personally, I'm just really turned of by it all. (Link)

  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal takes a closer look at the primary between the two Democratic candidates for State Treasurer, Kate Marshall and Geoffrey VanderPal. (Link)
  • Two Republicans fighting over who's the real fiscal conservative. Answer: none. Molly Ball of the LVRJ reports. (Link)
  • The LVRJ also sees Gibbons campaign "stuck on the gaffe track". Fun, fun, fun. (Link)
  • The Review-Journal also provides you with its very own voter guide. You can find the list here. (Link) One wonders, though, why they couldn't find a picture for Melody "Mimi Miyago" Damayo...

  • As everyone knows, there is a difference between talking and acting. So, the majority of California's legislature talk about the importance of the environment. Yet, a lot of them drive gas guzzling SUVs - provided by the state. Reading their explanations is actually quite fun. The Sacramento Bee. (Link)
  • Who would've thought? The majority of voters want illegal immigrants to stay, even if they voice some requirements. Wonder how good a campaign issue sending illegal immigrants home will be for Republicans. The Bee. (Link)
  • The Bee also reports on the El Dorado supervisor's ousting from his job writing "colleagues turn lame duck into dead duck." (Link)
  • My favourite two columnists are at it again. Molly Ivins writes about the drawbacks of 24/7 coverage and Helen Thomas writes about the renomination of John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN. (Link) and (Link)

  • The Arnold polls better on environmental issues than his Democratic challenger. How'd he do that? Trash his Humvee? The San Francisco Chronicle takes a closer look. (Link)
  • The Arnold's also ahead of Angelides in the fundraising department. Well, duh! The Arnold didn't have a primary challenger forcing him to spend his money, did he? The Chronicle. (Link)

  • The LA Times reports that Angelides is out campaigning on environmental issues, specifically childhood asthma and polution. (Link)
  • He just wanted to be a governor. Now, he'll be in jail for three months. David Charles Scully because he faked petitions to get on the ballot. An AP story in the LA Times. (Link)
  • An editorial in the Times about the good (Nevada) and the bad (caucus instead of primary) of the DNC's decision to change the primary schedule. (Link)
  • LA mayor Anthony Villaraigosas seems to believe he's all that. Apparently his personal agenda in Sacramento is more important than getting behind the Democratic nominee for Governor. What a joke. You should be ashamed of yourself! The Times reports. (Link)

Vote For Jill Derby! Now!

Another presidential hopeful. Another contest. And, while this is also a ploy to get you on their mailing lists, these contests are a relative easy way to support your favourite candidate.

This time the 2004 vice-presidential nominee Sen. John Edwards holds a contest at his One America Committee website and lets you decide which two candidates he will hold fundraisers for. This is a big deal since fundraisers with Sen. Edwards could potentially mean a lot of contributions.

Three other presidential hopefuls, Tahoe's Friend of the Month Wesley Clark, former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner and former South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle, have already shown their support for Jill Derby. Make sure John Edwards will do so as well and vote for Jill Derby here.

The President's Coming To Town!

Before all the presidential hopefuls of 2008 will flock to Nevada to woe the voters ahead of the new early Nevada causus, former President Jimmy Carter will make a trip to the Silver State.

The Washoe County Democratic Party announced yesterday that President Carter will be the special guest speaker at their Virginia Demmler Honor Roll Dinner in Reno on September 28th.

Apparently, this appearance is part of a tour through Nevada where the President intends to campaign for his son and the Nevada blogosphere's favourite candidate Jack Carter. Once the dates are available I'll let you know. Maybe the President will even make it to Tahoe. Keep your fingers crossed. Man, do I wish I could be there!

Give This Woman The Right To Vote

You might have already seen the video (maybe at our favourite Discontent blog). If you haven't yet, you can watch it here:

Eleanor Holmes Norton rocks! Compared to her, every other Representative appearing on the Colbert Report's Better Know A District just sucked. The amazing thing is: she doesn't have the right to vote in the House of Representatives. She's just a so-called "delegate". That puts her in the same group as representatives of the territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. There's a difference though. The people living in these territories can't vote in presidential elections and don't have to pay federal taxes. The citizens of the District of Columbia do.

Remember the slogan "no taxation without representation"? This rallying cry was the reason for Americans aiming for independence from the British crown. Somehow, the voting rights of some citizens of the USA still don't count. Congress just doesn't really care. It has the power to grant the District more rights, can even make it a state.

Contact your Representative if you believe the people of the District of Columbia deserve representation in Congress and its Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton deserves the right to vote!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Krolicki Getting Sued, Coming Out Of Hiding

I know I've said it before, but I'll just say it again. For good measure: The Nevada Republican party is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today, Brian Krolicki comes out of hiding behind his campaign manager. Not sure if ridiculing by a very little, generally unknown blog had something to do with it. Anyway, the stud finally steps up and defends his attack ad on fellow Republican Barbara Lee Woollen, or Double Barb, as I'd like to call her. Just too many double letters in that darn name.

So, Double Barb has made true on her threats and has sued Nevada State Treasurer Brian Krolicki for slander and libel for, well, linking her to the adult industry. Says Double Barb:
"It is not right for him to jeopardize my company and my employees and the family members of my employees," Woollen said. "One of my managers's daughters, who is a teenager, came into the house crying yesterday because some of her peers were teasing her because her daddy makes pornographic films."
Of course, Krolicki reacts like the stud he is:

"There is no reason to pull factual items," Krolicki said. "I have no intentions of pulling the ads.

"This is Barbara Woollen once again using her personal wealth to intimidate, and I will not be intimidated by fancy lawyers and a lawsuit because my ads are correct. Her company has benefited financially from the adult film industry and that is a fact."

However, the best quote in this piece by the Reno Gazette-Journal comes courtesy of the stud's campaign manager:

Daniels said "Women: Stories of Passion" includes homosexual acts between two women. Daniels, however, said he only watched part of the movie.

"To be honest, it is a three-disk set and by the end of the first disk, I had had enough," he said.

You can just go ahead and insert your own joke here. He's just making it too damn easy, really.

We've just got one question for Double Barb: $10,000? That is all you're suing him for? Wouldn't it be a tad more dramatic to just add a couple of zeros?

In Germany we have a saying "wenn zwei sich streiten, freut sich der dritte" which in this case translates to "with the stud and Double Barb going at each other's throats, Lonnie Hammargren wins the primary." So much for German wisdom of the day.

If all those stuff is a little too childish for you, you just might wanna support a good candidate for Lieutenant Governor: Democrat Bob Unger.

Wednesday News Roundup

  • The Reno Gazette-Journal reports on a bill introduced by Nevada Senator Harry Reid which aim is to help schools pay for renewable energy projects. (Link)
  • How will Jim Gibson govern the state when people in his own law firm don't even warn him that there might be trouble ahead. Doesn't sound like his managerial skills are all that good. John L. Smith of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wonders "whether the gravel pit issue was a political pothole or a chasm deep enough to swallow up Gibson's gubernatorial ambitions." I guess we're about to find out. (Link)
  • Heaven help! Nevada's Representatives Shelley Berkley (D) and Jon Porter (R) agree on something. It's not like they're gonna co-sponsor a bill that would do something good for Nevada. Nope, they'll just both boycott the Iraqi PM's speech to Congress today. The Review-Journal has the details. (Link)
  • Another politician who will just say what his respective audience wants him to say. This time it's the Arnold talking to a Spanish language newspaper saying he regrets his vote for the anti-illegal immigration Prop 187 and he downplayed his praise of the "Minutemen". The Sacramento Bee reports. (Link)
  • Gay rights groups have started a new ad campaign trying to explain to America what we're all about. Well, good luck with that. The LA Times reports. (Link)
  • Seems like Phil Angelides has finally started his gubernatorial campaign blasting the Arnold on his energy policy: "The governor's policy can be summed up in four words: Pray for mild weather." The LA Times. (Link)
  • But then the Arnold is feeling the heat on all sides. Apparently the Arnold is out of touch with his conservative voters who honestly believe that there is an "invasion" and that people are "robbing our country". You would believe that these might be Iraqis talking about Americans. But no, it's Californian conservatives talking about immigrants. You've gotta wonder whether you're in the right party when you're "startled" by your own base. Meanwhile Angelides believes the Arnold has no position. I'd disagree a little. He has too many positions. I'm just waiting for Democrats to bring out the flip-flops for this Republican Governor. It'd be only fair. (Link)
  • The times of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" seem to be over. At least, once the caucuse are coming to town. AP writer Brendan Riley has another story on the Nevada caucuses, this time in the LA Times. (Link)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Dawn Has Got To Be Dawn"

The craziness that is the Republican primary in Nevada's 2nd Congressional District is really too much on some days. Today, Congresswannabe Dawn Gibbons gives us her take on going negative via Ray Hagar of the Reno Gazette-Journal:

"What good are you doing if you're just beating up another Republican?" she said. "I won't go negative because that isn't Dawn. Dawn has got to be Dawn."

I'm desperately waiting for the day when someone will analyze how the existence of Casinos in Nevada and their politicians' (especially our Republican friends') love for drama is related. You would've thought former Casino entertainer and gubernatorial candidate Lorraine Hunt would be the only drama queen in this election cycle. Looks like Dawn Gibbons and Barbara Woollen are upstaging her. Now, we're just waiting for Lorraine's comeback.

Wait! I've just gone to Lorraine's website. It is just so over the top. She actually has two flags and a welcome video that is unrivaled in this election cycle. Where'd she get the uniform? Is that a left over from her casino career? You can also watch the video here.

Shocker: Sharron Angle Raised Taxes!

Sharron Angle (R-Club for Growth) is running for Congress this year claiming she's anti-tax. Thing is, not really. The woman who's best friend, the Club for Growth, aired attack ads accusing both of her opponents of being "tax spending liberals" (the Vegas Pundit has the videos) raised taxes herself! The Reno Gazette-Journal took a good look at the voting records of all three Republican candidates. Here's what they had on tax-raising Sharron Angle:

Senate Bill 477: Raised hotel room taxes in Washoe County by 3 percent with an additional 1 percent in Sparks to help finance the expansion of the Reno-Sparks Convention Center and National Bowling Stadium.

Both [Angle and Gibbons] yes.

Assembly Bill 504: Allows Washoe County to impose taxes to adopt a plan to save open-space areas.

Both yes.

AB174: Allowed the Douglas County Commission to impose local sales tax of a quarter cent to pay for airport expansion, library and senior citizen services.

Both yes.

AB205: Allowed city of Sparks to levy additional tax of 2.5 percent on hotel and motel rooms to improve the Victorian Square area.

Both yes.

So, anti-tax Sharron voted to raise taxes or to allow others to do so a total of 4 (F-O-U-R!!!) times. Hey, how about running an honest campaign Sharron? Better not let the Club for Growth find out or the source of all your contributions might dry up.

So, Is There A Difference Between Two Famous Sons? You Bet!

The Secretary of State race in Nevada this year is special in that it feature two sons of famous Nevada figures from the past. On the one side you have the son of former UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian and on the other you have the son of former Governor Bob Miller.

Of course, both Republican Danny Tarkanian and Democrat Ross Miller both first have to win their respective primaries but everyone is already looking beyond August.

So, two sons of famous have-beens are running for office. Is there any difference? You bet. Just take a look at the profile of this race in the Nevada Appeal.

Here are Tarkanian's views:

If Tarkanian is elected Nevada's top elections official, he says he'll push for a requirement that voters show proof of citizenship when they register to vote and show a state identification card, such as a driver's license, when they go to the polls. He's opposed to letting people register to vote through Election Day.

In essence, Tarkanian is for voting restrictions. And, unlike Miller he doesn't really elaborate and why should he. It's so easy to run on immigrant bashing.

Take a look at what Miller has to say:

Miller, a Las Vegas attorney, wants tougher penalties for politicians who break campaign finance laws and a more centralized vote-by-mail system.

Under his proposal, major violations of state campaign contribution laws would become felonies, rather than civil violations, and public officials would be required to file all contribution and expense reports electronically. Contributions of more than $100 made in the month before the primary and general elections would have to be reported within two days.

Miller's plan also would impose felony penalties for intimidating voters and interfering with voter registration, and increase felony penalties for tampering with election equipment and registering to vote in more than one county.


Miller also would reform the initiative process to require the secretary of state, not the backers of an initiative, to write the title and description of a proposed petition. Failed initiatives couldn't appear on the ballot again for six years, and constitutional amendments would need two-thirds of the vote in two consecutive elections to pass.

The Secretary of State elections throughout the United States have become the most important elections this year. What harm bad Republican Secretaries of State can do has become evident in the last two presidential elections in Florida und Ohio.

Check out Ross Miller's campaign website and do what you can to support him!

Letter Of The Day - "Numbers Tell How To Vote This Time"

Maybe Democrats are just better in maths. Anyway, the following great letter is by Phillip Patton of Carson City and was published in the Reno Gazette-Journal:

This letter is in response to the letter from Steve Bennett of Sparks, "Only the GOP will protect my paycheck." I believe Mr. Bennett needs to examine what has happened to his expenses since the GOP took power in 2000, and not just his net paycheck.

Yes, the GOP gave tax relief which, in my case, added approximately $1,000 per year to my net paycheck. At the same time, the GOP has enacted programs and allowed rampant gouging for anything related to the oil or medical industries.

I have, in fact, calculated the differences between 2000 and 2006. The cost of gasoline, natural gas to heat my home, and electricity costs add up to a $4,000 per year increase since the GOP and current administration took power. Medical-related items have increased another $4,000 per year in the same time period. I cannot even begin to calculate the increased cost of items related to the oil industry, but I believe it is at least another $1,000 per year.

If all that isn't enough, the impact of the above items on the financial world has eroded the funds I had invested for retirement by more than one-half.

So, voters, if you are satisfied with your tax relief, and don't care that the bottom line has cost you about nine times as much, vote for them again.

RGJ Voter Guide

As you can see in the news roundup below, the election season has officially begun. The Reno Gazette-Journal today published its extensive voter guide. The surprising thing: it's actually quite good.

You get details provided by the candidates and they also answer several questions. Take a look at the page for Assembly candidate JoEtta Brown as an example. You can also compare her answers (and those for any candidate) to her opponents.

Tuesday News Roundup

There are really slow news days when I struggle to put together a good news roundup. Well, today ain't one of them (except at the Las Vegas Review-Journal):

  • Good news for Lake Tahoe: restoring lake clarity is doable the Tahoe Daily Tribune reports. (Link)
  • Bad news for Lake Tahoe: the West Nile virus has been found in Tahoe mosquitoes. Again the Daily Tribune. (Link)
  • Woollen and Krolicki's campaign manager now fight over whether the movies her company gave equipment to were R-rated or X-rated. Krolicki himself is still a hit and runner, hiding behind his campaign manager. What a stud! Wonder if the voters will be so sick of the two and opt for Double Lonnie on August 15th. The Reno Gazette-Journal. (Link)
  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has an editorial on the primary process in general and specifically the Nevada caucuses. (Link)
  • The Gazette-Journal asks you what skills the next Governor of Nevada should possess. You can email your thoughts to sfalcone@rgj.com by Friday. (Link)
  • The Nevada Appeal tells you "to put your vote where your mouth is" and urges you to vote. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Sun takes a look at the ensignificant Senator and his counterpart in the House. The former focuses his attention to old issues, the latter switched his vote on the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages from no to yes. (Link)
  • Lisa Mascaro of the Sun writes about Senator Reid handing out his money to candidates. (Link)
  • "Natural fit for early caucus" editorialises the Sun about Nevada's new importance. (Link)
  • The Arnold leads. No, Angelides leads. No, the Arnold leads. Another poll is out. This time it's the Arnold. By eight. The Sacramento Bee. (Link)
  • "Phil Angelides won because of the heat wave" could be the headline in November. Funny, what columnists will come up with to get their column filled every day. The Bee's Dan Walters on the magic heat wave. (Link)
  • Daniel Weintraub of the Bee has breaking news: elections are a referendum on the incumbent. Well, duh! What are the requirements for writing for the Bee? Can I get a job? (Link)
  • Another duh! The winner of the popular vote should be president. The San Francisco Chronicle on a Stanford professor's idea on reforming the electoral process. (Link)
  • The Arnold manages to split unions. Ouch. The LA Times has the details. (Link)

Is Jill Derby A Sleeper Candidate?

While the race for Nevada's 2nd Congressional District is wide open this year, many still believe it will eventually stay in Republican control due to the Republican voter registration advantage.

However there are several reasons why this may be a misjudgement. There are three Republican candidates who are doing nothing but hurting each other badly through accusations and negative ads. Meanwhile, Jill Derby can work on a positive profile, which she has started by airing radio ads. Also, Jill Derby has managed to raise record-breaking amounts of contributions for a Democrat in this District and is keeping pace with Republican candidates who will surely spend a lot of their cash on hand before the August 15th primary.

And, even if some pundits don't rank this race in their top twenty this year, many Democratic leaders seem to believe that Jill Derby can win.

First, I'll take a look at the fundraising numbers for all NV-02 candidates as of the end of the second quarter of this year:

Jill Derby (D)

Total Contributions: $704,487
Cash on Hand: $513,817

Sharron Angle (R)

Total Contributions: $660,931
Cash on Hand: $353,045

Dawn Gibbons (R)

Total Contributions: $698,189
Cash on Hand: $342,843

Dean Heller (R)

Total Contributions: $797,807
Cash on Hand: $521,389

Right now only Dean Heller is slightly ahead of Derby in the fundraising department, but only slightly. And Heller hasn't even begun airing any ads yet. Even though he's been on the ballot statewide three times (he's in his third term as Secretary of State) he somehow doesn't do very well in the polls and is lagging behind both Sharron Angle and Dawn Gibbons.

The only reason Angle can compete is because the Club for Growth raises money for, and the only reason Dawn Gibbons can compete is because her husband is the incumbent and is now running for Governor.

Whoever wins the primary on August 15th will be badly bruised and it remains to be seen whether the two losers will get behind the winner. Whoever wins the primary will also have spent a lot of his/her money. Both Angle's and Gibbons' cash on hand is already significantly below that of Jill Derby and you can expect all three Republicans to spend heavily before the primary.

Apparently, much of the Democratic Leadership see it the same way. Otherwise, the amount of money given by top Democrats to Jill Derby's campaign would be hard to explain. I'll give you a rundown of the contributions Jill received either through PACs or directly from other campaigns:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA): $14,000
Rep. Steny Hoyer (MD): $10,000
Sen. Harry Reid (NV): $10,000
Rep. Rahm Emanuel (IL): $6,500
Rep. Shelley Berkley (NV): $5,200
Mark Warner (VA): $5,000
Tom Daschle (SD): $2,500
Rep. Howard Berman (CA): $2,000
Rep. Loretta Sanchez (CA): $2,000
Rep. Sam Farr (CA): $1,500
Rep. Tammy Baldwin (WI): $1,000
Rep. Lois Capps (CA): $1,000
Rep. Jane Harman (CA): $1,000
Rep. Nita Lowey (NY): $1,000
Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ): $1,000
Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald (CA): $1,000
Rep. George Miller (CA): $1,000
Rep. David Obey (WI): $1,000
Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA): $1,000
Rep. Janice Schakowsky (IL): $1,000
Rep. Hilda Solis (CA): $1,000
Rep. Mark Udall (UT): $1,000
Rep. Chris van Hollen (MD): $1,000
Rep. Diane Watson (CA): $1,000
Rep. Mike Honda (CA): $500
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CA): $500

Now, I think the numbers speak for themselves. When the leadership of Democrats in Congress give a combined $40,500 to your campaign, two apparent presidential candidates and nearly half of California's Democratic delegation take enough notice to contibute to your campaign, you just know that you've got a pretty darn good chance at beating whoever the Republicans will nominate.

If you wanna know more about Jill Derby go to her website.

If you wanna help Jill Derby win you can volunteer or contribute through my ActBlue page.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday News Roundup

  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has an AP story that focuses on Senator Reid's role in getting the caucuses to Nevada. (Link)
  • Kirk Caraway of the Nevada Appeal writes about Bush's veto on a stem-cell research bill and, as so many others in these days, injects his personal story. It'a very interesting and thought provoking editorial. One paragraph: "In wartime, we accept that innocent people will die in order to benefit the greater good. Bush and his base have no problem with that logic. Can’t we use the same logic here, that unwanted, frozen embryos can be used to help cure these terrible diseases, for the benefit of millions?" (Link)
  • Another Gibson-Titus-Las Vegas Review Journal day. This time Molly Ball takes a look at the truthiness of their ads (and manages not to use that word at all, maybe they haven't heard it in the LVRJ newsroom, yet). (Link)
  • In her "political notebook" Molly Ball notes that Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beers and Democrats have something in common. They both dislike Jim Gibbons. And Democrats urge Beers to air his sock-puppet ad about Gibbons. A common enemy makes the best of friends. However, that could soon end. Molly also reports on some polling and it's interesting to note that in one poll the GOP race was actually closer than the Dem race, if even by a point. (Link)
  • Dan Walters writes in the Sacramento Bee about the workers' compensation issue and the role it plays in the gubernatorial campaign. (Link)
  • Kevin Yamamura of the Bee thinks that the Arnold didn't get the point of Al Gore's inconvenient truth. Someone should tell him that it wasn't a fiction movie. (Link)
  • The Bee also has an editorial about a "third wave" on embryonic stem-cell research and finds that both gubernatorial candidates are not catching on. (Link)
  • The Sierra Sun reports that congressional candidate Charlie Brown will open a second office. This one in Grass Valley, Nevada County. (Link)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Join Jack On His Nevada Tour!

Man, there are days when I'd really like to be back in Nevada. The coming days are a case in point. Jack Carter goes on Tour at about the time I write this. He will stop in 11 towns within the next for days, introduce himself to the voters and maybe even offer some of his guitar skills as his daughter Sarah writes on the Carter Blog.

So, go and meet Jack if you can. Here, again, are the dates:

Sunday, July 23
11:30 a.m. – Tonopah (Pocket Park)
4:30 p.m. – Hawthorne (Veterans Memorial Park)

Monday, July 24
10 a.m. – Austin (Bert T. Gandolfo Park)
2:30 p.m. – Eureka (City Park)
7:00 p.m. – Ely (White Pine County Park)

Tuesday, July 25
10 a.m. – West Wendover (Robert F. Scobie Park)
2 p.m. – Wells (City Park)
7 p.m. - Battle Mountain (Lions Park)

Wednesday, July 26
9 a.m. – Lovelock (Courthouse Park)
1 p.m. – Fernley (In-town park)
4:30 p.m. – Yerington (Mountainview Park)

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - The Nevada GOP And The Adult Industry

Twice this week I've written a post on the Nevada GOP and its relations with the adult industry. For one week you'd think that would do. Well, you'd be wrong.

Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki aired an ad on his opponent Barbara Lee Woollen. When I first saw it I thought it was a joke, done by someone to discredit the Republican Party. I should have learned by now that Republicans are quite capable of discrediting their party all by themselves. The Vegas Pundit has the ad.

The ad suggests that Ms. Woollen isn't a real Republican because she hasn't voted in a Republican primary in oh so many years. Woollen has this reply in the Las Vegas Review-Journal - your best source for news on the Nevada GOP and the adult industry:
"I've been so discontented with candidates that I know in a lot of primaries, I have not voted," she said. "But always in the general election."
We sympathize, Barbara. We really do. And I bet a lot of Republican voters don't feel much different this August when they have to choose between you and Krolicki. His ad quickly moves on from the boring primary issue and uses Ms. Woollen's claim that she represents "family values" to air some adult film covers. The ad end with:
Her company name is listed on X-rated features. And Woollen earns money from the adult film industry. Barbara Lee Woollen: X-rated values, and too risky to be our next lieutenant governor.
Now, Ms. Woollen claims she didn't know that her company rented equipment to adult movies. And one has to wonder how the Krolicki campaign found out. Did some staffer or Mr. Krolicki himself go through his porn collection to find something. Did they find this by chance. And if so the one question that would remain is: Who in the world watches the credits of a porn movie?

What do we learn from all of this? That the Nevada Republican party seems to go for the-most-hypocritical- Republicans-in-the-country award and that Brian Krolicki is one of those hit-and-run guys. He has the guts to air such an ad and then hides behind his campaign manager when asked to comment. What a stud.

Watch out for the next installment of "The Nevada GOP and the adult industry". With these guys it might just come tomorrow.

Letter Of The Day - "Enough Is Enough"

Today's letter of the day by Don Brown of Sacramento was published by the Sacramento Bee. He is sick and tired of the Republicans that "govern" this country and has personal reasons for writing this letter:

In the July 18 article "Bush affirms stem cell veto plan" Sen. Rick Santorum is quoted as saying, "I do not believe taxpayer dollars should support research that destroys human life." More Republican Party hypocrisy. I think it's despicable that he votes to use taxpayer money to research new weapons to kill innocent people around the world. That's immoral to me. That, plus lying to the American people.

As a father whose son is battling brain cancer, I find it repugnant that the religious extremists who control the Republican Party can stop further scientific research that could help fight cancer and rebuild damaged brain cells. But then again, let the voting public see how extreme the Republican Party has become. Not only will the failure of Iraq be front and center, but also political corruption, tax relief to the rich, American credibility down the drain, dishonesty and now blocking stem cell research. I am becomming more and more confident that people have finally said: Enough is enough; give us our country back.

Say "enough is enough" by contributing to Tahoe candidates here.

Weekend News Roundup

  • The North Lake Tahoe Bonanza reports that "green building" is coming to the Tahoe area. (Link)
  • Who will be take part in the Tahoe Environmental Summit this year the Bonanza wonders. The Ensignificant's office won't comment which either means POTUS is coming or no one's coming. I'm betting on the latter. (Link)
  • The Bonanza also covers the private vs public beaches fight. (Link)
  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has an AP story on the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee decision to give Nevada a presidential caucus right before the New Hampshire primary. (Link)
  • Secretary of State and Congressman wannabe Dean Heller has put the TASC on the ballot. So, now the courts will decide whether it stays there. The Reno Gazette-Journal. (Link)
  • The Gazette-Journal looks at what makes a good Governor. (Link)
  • What do Bob Beers and Dina Titus have in common? They both like to attack goverwannabe Jim Gibbons. The Nevada Appeal takes an extensive and fair look at the contentious fight for the Governor's mansion. (Link)
  • The Appeal also profiles several candidates on its "Politics" page. (Link)
  • J. Patrick Coolican of the Las Vegas Sun says it was Senator Reid who brought Nevada the early presidential caucus. (Link)
  • Coolican also takes a look at the humorous side of Democrats and cites Lewis Black, Matt Taibbi, The Daily Show and The Onion. (Link)
  • Is there a glass ceiling for female politicians in Nevada? Coolican tries to find out. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal also covers the decision to hold early Democratic caucuses in Nevada. (Link)
  • "I sometimes introduce myself as the congresswoman of gambling, loose women and liquor" says Nevada Congresswoman Shelley Berkley. Another proof that Dems aren't all that humorless. The Review-Journal. (Link)
  • So, does Jim Gibson profit from his office? Again, the Review-Journal. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee profiles quite nicely how Congressman and Jack Abramoff friend John Doolittle managed to spend $1m in his primary fight without ever airing a single TV ad. Talk about fiscal conservative. (Link)
  • The LA Times reports on a new ad campaign by Phil Angelides aimed at reintroducing himself to voters. (Link)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Presidential Circus Is Coming To Town!

Anjeanette Damon, who has just made it to Cambridge, exclaims: "I'm definitely coming back to Nevada, now!" What in the world would make her say that when she's just taken a leave at absence from the Reno Gazette-Journal and arrived at Harvard to get her master in public administration at the Kennedy School of Government?

The AP has the answer:

National Democrats recommended Saturday wedging Nevada between the traditional one-two punch of Iowa and New Hampshire in the leadoff nominating contests for president in 2008.

This is probably the best news of the year for Nevada's Democratic candidates. Up until now, everyone who fancied him or herself presidential material has traveled up and down Iowa and New Hampshire. So, soon they'll be coming to Nevada and try to curry favour with local candidates. Expect the candidates and their PACs giving a lot of attention and mostly money to candidates like Jack Carter, Jill Derby, Tessa Hafen, (hopefully) Dina Titus and many others.

The November elections in Nevada are now officially up for grabs. I say this because there will be a significant difference between Nevada on the one hand and Iowa and New Hampshire on the other. Only the Democrats will hold an early caucus in Nevada, while both Democrats and Republicans hold a caucus/primary in both Iowa and New Hampshire. Therefore, Democratic Nevadan candidates will profit while their counterparts will not.

Sure, the new caucus in Nevada still has to be approved by the DNC, but that seems to be just a formality.

Nevadan's beware! The presidential circus is coming to town!

More Reasons To Send Senator Ensignificant Back On The Golf Course

On Thursday I wrote a post on the ensignificant Senator's impressive golf handicap and about some of his disastrous scores with progressive, liberal and moderate interest groups.

Today I'll give you a couple more reasons to send Senator Ensignificant back on the golf course:

Senator Ensignificant is "too busy golfing to care" about civil rights, education, the National Parks and the future of Nevada's children.

Send the ensignificant Senator back on the golf course and send Jack Carter to Washington.

Cause Jack cares!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday News Roundup

  • The Tahoe papers have had several reports on the lack of affordable housing around Tahoe. Today, the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza takes a closer look at a young couple who are just not able to live of their paychecks in Truckee. (Link)
  • The Nevada Appeal has an AP story about the Titus-Gibson race focusing on who's the "real" Democrat. Gibson's really trying to get that label by criticising Bush for his veto on stem cell research. Slamming Bush these days, that's just so Republican. (Link)
  • Kathy Augustine might have been able to win the primary for State Treasurer writes Molly Ball of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and she doesn't think it's unlikely that she might still win. And I tend to agree. In that case the Republicans would have to nominate someone else. Either way, it looks like Augustine's death might mean two Democrats winning in November since there might also be a backlash against the Republican candidate for Controller who was just nominated by the Governor to fill out Augustine's term. (Link)
  • So, Goverwannabe Jim Gibbons has his ads out which exclaim: "From Iraq to Carson City to Washington, Jim Gibbons has kept fighting." Fighting for what, exactly? The Review-Journal. (Link)
  • The LA Times has an AP report on the possibility of Nevada getting a Democratic caucus slot right behind Iowa and before New Hampshire for the Presidential Elections. That would be the best thing that could happen to the Democratic candidates in Nevada since every candidate would try to make nice with them, meaning giving a lot of money to them. (Link)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Pride Of The Nevada Republican Party

So, the Nevada Republican Party is finally getting some attention. Nationwide.

Currently, the most popular video on CNN.com is "Porn Star runs for Governor". Okay, for all you people out of the loop: the most intriguing Republican candidate for Governor of Nevada this year is no other than Mimi Miyago aka Melody Damayo. Though the title "Porn Star" maybe just a tidbit misleading. She claims she hasn't worked in three years. She's "just an average single mother."

The video is quite fun (and it comes courtesy of Las Vegas' KVBC). She actually believes you can win an election as a Republican if you run on education issues. Wonder what her stance on sex education in school is and whether or not condom use should be encouraged. She might have some fun with her Republican friends on this issue.

The best thing is the end when she raises her fist and exclaimed "victory for the Republican Party". Kinda reminded me of Castro. So, well, communist...

She really is the pride of the Nevada Republican Party.

For more read Tuesday's post on The Nevada GOP And The Adult Industry.

Thursday News Roundup

  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has the Northern Nevada reaction to Bush's first veto. (Link)
  • I can't tell you guys often enough how glad I am that Jack Carter is running for the Senate and not Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman. Case in point: the new city ordinance supported by Goodman outlawing that you give food to homeless people. The ACLU ridicules the mayor and wonders how the law would be enforced. "'Certain truths are self-evident,' Goodman said. 'You know who's homeless.'" For heaven's sake, this man is just out of his mind. The Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)
  • The race that keeps on giving. The paper that keeps on reporting on it. Titus. Gibson. The Las Vegas Review-Journal. Today it's about Titus and Northern Nevada. Again. Yawn. (Link)
  • Today the Las Vegas Review-Journal finally picks up the brothel story from the AP via the Reno Gazette-Journal. Funny how the Review-Journal always finds reporters to cover the T-G primary bullshit but somehow couldn't get a reporter on this story. Hmm. (Link)
  • The TASC ballot initiative is bad for you. Get a grasp. It's easy thinking. Limiting spending means less money for teachers, schools, etc. Once again, the LVRJ. (Link)
  • Hey, the Arnold got a new girl, I wondered. Turns out it was only a "Gottschalks" ad. Anyhow, the breaking news from California is that President Bush will do two fundraisers for the Arnold. President George Herbert Walker Bush, that is. 43 is still not allowed to fundraise for the Arnold. Maybe he's afraid he'll get a Merkel-style backrub... (Link)
  • The dangers of summer. Some tips for the Angelides campaign, courtesy of George Skelton of the LA Times. (Link)

Help The Ensignificant Senator Improve His Golf Handicap!

Now, you're not gonna hear this often from me but there is one thing Senator Ensignificant is good at: golf. He's got the best handicap in the entire U.S. Senate, an impressive 6.5.

So, what about his other scores? Well, let's take a look:

It really looks like Sen. Ensignificant's best score is his golf handicap. Do what you can to help the ensignificant Senator improve his handicap by supporting Jack Carter!

Or you can contribute to Jack here.

(The übercool graphic is from the from NV Dems via the Carter Blog.)

Wesley Clark - Tahoe's Friend Of The Month

Wesley Clark is Tahoe's friend of the day, the week, the month. Heck, he may even turn out to be Tahoe's friend of the year.

Through his WesPAC he helps federal, statewide and local candidates by not only endorsing them but by putting them on his ActBlue page.

Of the hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates he is raising money for 20 candidates through his ActBlue page and 2 (!) of them are Tahoe candidates. That makes 10%. Ten percent for Tahoe. Wow!

Both candidates are running for the House of Representatives. Jill Derby in Nevada's 2nd Congressional District and Charlie Brown in California's 4th Congressional District.

Now, I haven't made my mind up yet about 2008 presidential candidates. After all, it's still not quite clear who will run and who won't. That said, Wesley Clark really scored some points with me. Go Wes!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday News Roundup

  • Andy Whyman writes an op-ed in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza saying that "anti-tax doesn't always mean 'efficient'". No, what it does mean is giving the rich another Jaguar while the children of this state won't get a good education let alone health care. (Link)
  • The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports that three of five seats on the South Lake Tahoe city council will be open this November. Anyone of you interested in running? (Link)
  • The Tribune also runs an editorial wondering what the cost of cracking down on immigration will be for the state. (Link)
  • There will be town hall debates tonight. In Minden. With candidates for Douglas County Commission and State Assembly. And they're all Republicans. WTF? Oh, yeah, and in case you wondered you can't just spontaneously ask questions. All questions must be submitted and will be screened. Yup, sounds Republican to me. The Record-Courier has the details. (Link)
  • The Associated Press kinda rewrote yesterday's RGJ article with a new flashy headline: "Gibbons, Heller accept funds from brothel owner". Oh, you guys are making Nevada proud! (Link)
  • Some whipping in the Nevada Appeal. "So stop complaining about 'media bias,' be thankful, and do your damn job" Robert Cutts tells us or the President for that matter. Anyhow, go read it and enjoy. (Link)
  • "The Ugliest Primary No One Is Watching" writes Headline reports the Las Vegas Sun. The best characterization of the Gibson-Titus lovefest I have read all season. The Sun's war correspondent reports. (Link)
  • Nevada's lawmaker's care more about animals than children. How cute! The Sun. (Link)
  • Goverwannabe Jim Gibbons now claims he never claimed to be anything but Mormon. As far as I know the Church of Latter Day Saints is probably not all too happy about him not showing up at church regularly and about his wife accepting contributions from a brothel owner. What gives. The Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)
  • I love how the Review-Journal manages to use Senator Ensignificant's name and the word significant in the same sentence. It's all about Reid's and Ensign's stance on the stem-cell research bill. Reid's for it, Ensign not so much. (Link) (BTW, here's Jack Carter's statement on the issue).
  • Charlie Brown's fundraising is almost record breaking. Though he doesn't have as much cash-on-hand as I wrote yesterday. Apparently both the Sierra Sun and I can't do the math. Damn! Anyway, he's raised quite a bit and that Doolittle had to spent a whopping million to win his primaries is no good sign for him. The Sacramento Bee. (Link)
  • Our very own Chancellor Angela Merkel is finally known around the American blogosphere. All thanks to an impromptu neck message of the US President which kinda reeked of harassment. It looked like something the assholes in school would do to point out who's in power. The world's falling to pieces and this man behaves like a high-school jerk. Good Lord. The San Francisco Chronicle reports. (Link)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Nevada GOP And The Adult Industry

While I did the latest news roundup I stumbled onto two articles which are unrelated to each other and yet give a pretty good picture of what is the Republican party in all its moral glory.

The Reno Gazette-Journal has a very Republican-centric view on elective politics. It's surprising Mr. Hagar actually manages to mention Northern Nevada's next Congresswoman Jill Derby. But maybe it's for the best since Mr. Hagar not only focuses on the money raised by candidates for Nevada's 2nd Congressional District but also on the source of the money.

Apparently, Ms. Club for Growth is getting all moral on her two "liberal" Republican competitors for taking money from two businessmen. While these two gentlemen might be doing a part of their business in the adult industry (the "gentlemen's club" Sin in Las Vegas and Lance's World Famous Brothel in Storey are mentioned) they are at least citizens of this state which cannot be said about the majority of Ms. Angle's contributors. So, maybe she's just jealous when she exclaims:

"It is not a prudent thing to do," Angle, who calls herself a faith-based politician, said about the donations from Gilman and Afra. "I would not do it. I believe that people want a higher standard from their legislators."

However, it's still fun to watch Mrs. Gibbons and Mr. Heller squirm:

"He is the developer of the largest industrial park in the world," Gibbons said. "It has nothing to do with his other entities. I'm not condoning it (Nevada's legalize prostitution)."

Heller said he knows Gilman and Arfa as businessmen only. He said he has never visited Gilman's brothels or Arfa's strip club.

"I know him at the business level," Heller said of Gilman. "I don't know him as a brothel owner and obviously, I don't condone that activity."

"As for Arfa, if you go to the secretary of state's Web site, the guy is listed as a business consultant," Heller said. "I have no idea what his activities on the side are. That is not his primary activity."

You just know that things aren't going too well for you when you have to emphasize that you never went to brothels and strip clubs. Wait! He didn't say that. The answer was only limited to Mr. Gilman's and Mr. Arfa's establishments. Is there anything you wanna confess, Mr. Secretary of State?

Speaking of the secretary of state. Anyone notice how Heller defends himself in that quote? By saying that Mr. Arfa is mentioned on the secretary of state's website "as a business consultant." Well, last time I checked Mr. Heller was the secretary of state. You're giving yourself an alibi, Dean? Oh, you naughty little boy. The weeks until the primary oughta be a lot of fun!

Speaking of fun. Mimi Miyagi aka Melody Damayo. She's also quite busy in the adult industry and running for Governor. As a Republican. Who would've thought!

Molly Ball of the Las Vegas Review-Journal had a blast at the gubernatorial candidate's extraordinary fundraiser in Las Vegas. And she also seems to have done extensive research. At least Molly's able to name some of Mimi's latest work.

Mimi "worked the room like a veteran politician." How'd she do that, you ask? By offering lap dances. It was all witnessed by none other than the chair of the Clark County Republican Party:
"I'm here to witness history," said John Hambrick, chair of the Clark County Republican Party, who brought his wife as a "chaperone" to the event. "No gubernatorial candidate has ever done this before." He was referring to karaoke.

Hambrick said the party has received complaints about Damayo's candidacy, especially since she appeared in the Boulder City Damboree parade on July 4. There was nothing the party could do about that, he noted. Similarly, the party couldn't refuse to link to Damayo's campaign Web site from the party's site, just like any other Republican candidate.

"We went over it real good," Hambrick said of Damayo's site. "There was nothing we could ban her for."

I just wonder whether Mimi will get a prime-time speaking slot at the next Republican National Convention. She's got the positions down "real good":
"I want everyone to know that I'm here to bring back the roots of the Republican party: freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to party, free enterprise," Damayo said. "Now it's time to limbo!"

Maybe, instead of electing her, we should let Ms. Angle clean house in Nevada's GOP. The folks down in Vegas don't seem to be all that capable in this respect.

Tuesday News Roundup

The test is behind me. I'm all yours now ;)

  • It may come as a price to the new State Controller to go into the November election with the incumbency advantage. Turns out there is a law which would prohibit Mr. Martin from running again in 2010 if he won this time around. But, who care about laws? Right? Not Nevada's Secretary of State and Congressman wannabe Dean Heller apparently. The Reno Gazette-Journal has this gem: "'I believe this issue will end up on the desk of the next attorney general,' Heller said. ''And it will depend on if the attorney general is a Democrat or a Republican. If (Democrat) Catherine Cortez Masto wins, Martin has less of a chance than if (Republican) Don Chairez wins. Depending on who gets elected, the sentiments will differ.'" So, let me see if I get this straight: if the Democrat wins the law will be adhered to, if the Republican wins, ehh, not so much. Lovely. (Link)
  • The AP reports on suspicions about Kathy Augustine's death. The Nevada Appeal carries the story. (Link)
  • Kirk Caraway of the Nevada Appeal is sick of the gubernatorial elections. And who can blame him. The Titus-Gibson lovefest on the one side and on the other side an apparent shoe-in that leaves one newspaper editor after another dumbfounded. Goverwannabe Jim Gibbons believes that the Casino industry doesn't hire illegal immigrants and he would close them down if they would. This leaves Mr. Caraway with only one thought: "I wonder how the casinos that are funding Gibbons' campaign will deal with all those unmade beds and dirty dishes if he wins. Certainly Gibbons isn't proposing to go after the hand that feeds him, but it sure sounded that way." Enjoy! (Link)
  • You heard about the Net Neutrality issue? Turns out the bright mind behind the telecom companies favoured anti-Net-Neutrality bill is none other than our very own Senator Ensignificant. Yet another reason to vote for Jack Carter! The Las Vegas Sun reports. (Link)
  • Another "what if" piece on Kathy Augustine's death in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)
  • John L. Smith of the Las Vegas Review-Journal proves that he has no clue whatsoever about politics. Just seems like the LVRJ will do anything to talk up Gibson. They must be really desperate, cause who are they gonna support come November if it's Titus against Gibbons? Stick to horse-racing, John! (Link)
  • Are Republicans gonna shoot themselves in the foot again? This time by delaying the renewal of the Voting Rights Act in the Senate? As long as Bill Frist is still the majority leader we can be certain of that. The Review-Journal reports on the issue and Reid's speech at the NAACP convention. (Link)
  • The morals of Jim Gibbons (LOL) and the wedding of Tessa Hafen (Congrats!) and much more in the Review-Journal's political notebook. (Link)
  • Some headlines are really misleading. Like this one in the Sierra Sun: "Doolittle leads rivals in latest reports." First of all, what rivals? The report only talks about one, his opponent Charlie Brown. Or is his wife a rival as well? After all Doolittle raised $216k during the last period while his wife only got $7,000 in commissions from him. And while Charlie Brown raised about half of Doolittle's amount in the last quarter you gotta wonder how Doolittle leads Brown since the incumbent has only $261 cash-on-hand while Charlie Brown has a whopping $740 cash-on-hand. (Link)
  • Finally, three great letters to the editor in the Sacramento Bee on the Doolittles by Dink Lane of Garden Valley, Joni Remer of El Dorado Hills, and Trish Grenfell of Auburn. (Link)