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Friday, June 30, 2006

Help Jack Carter Become Nevada's Voice To Washington

My unequivocal support for U.S. Senate candidate Jack Carter is no surprise to anyone who has been to this blog before. Jack Carter manages to prove again and again why he deserves to be elected Nevada's next United States Senator.

The Las Vegas Gleaner has written a terrific post on Jack Carter's statement on the Hamdan v. Rumsfeld Supreme Court Decision. So, instead of trying to outwit the Gleaner, which is virtually impossible to do, I'll just provide you with Jack's statement:

Today’s decision in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld marked a blow to the Bush-Cheney attempt to avoid judicial review of actions they have taken in the war against terror. The Supreme Court ruled that it retained jurisdiction in the matter of tribunals for Guantanamo Bay prisoners and that the administration violated the law.

I applaud the administration’s intentions in fighting our enemies, but the foundations of our American democracy rest on checks and balances among the three branches of government. When the executive branch tries to evade review of their actions by our courts or to avoid oversight by our elected representatives in Congress, it is a patriot’s duty to demand a change. We have existed for more than 200 years under this form of government. There is no reason to depart from it now.

If the Republican-controlled Congress would stand up like the Supreme Court and demand to be a part of the decisions which affect the security of our country instead of rolling over like lap-dogs to every whim of the executive branch, we patriots could go back to making a living.

The junior Senator from Nevada is part of the problem. He is Washington’s voice to Nevada. I will be Nevada’s voice to Washington.

Jack Carter

You can help Jack Carter become Nevada's voice to Washington by contributing to him here.

Letter Of The Day: "Politicians Have Made A Mess, And It's Time To Clean House"

Another day, another great letter to the editor. This time it's a letter by Vicki Bates of Gardnerville in the Nevada Appeal:

The problem with our government is that its priorities are upside down.

This tragic war drags on at great human and financial cost, energy and health- care costs soar (as companies that provide them make record profits), the deficit grows, environmental responsibilities are ignored, our reputation in the world declines, and our civil rights are being eroded by the executive branch. So what is Congress doing? Arguing about same-sex marriage and flag desecration.

Time to clean House (and Senate), folks. Fortunately, we have excellent candidates in Jack Carter and Jill Derby, who are running for office because they are as fed up with these skewed priorities as the rest of us. We need leaders like them who will make the people of Nevada their priority, not the ambitions of their political party.

Government isn't our enemy. Government is what provides us, as a community, with basic services and protections. Misuse of government is the problem. Radical Republicans have had six years to run the country the way they wanted, with Gibbons and Ensign supporting them every step of the way. And rather than proving that their way is best for America, they've made a complete mess of it.

Candidate for governor Dina Titus says it best: Government's job is to "educate the children, lock up the bad guys, provide for the common good, and then get out of the way and let people run their own lives."

We have a chance to make a significant change for the better with these candidates. Use your vote to do it!

You go, girl! Contribute to Jack Carter, Jill Derby and Dina Titus here.

Friday News Roundup

  • An indirect endorsement of Sharron Angle in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza today. However, it's by the President of Republican Advocates of Incline Village/Crystal Bay. Funny, how Jim Clark forgot to mention the next Congresswoman from Nevada's 2nd CD, Jill Derby. (Link)
  • "An Inconvenient Truth" is coming to Tahoe. You'll be able to see it on the South Shore starting this Friday. The Tahoe Daily Tribune has a report that includes "Tahoe's premiere scientist Charles Goldman" throwing his support behind Al Gore's movie. (Link)
  • The Tribune also has another report on the TRPA meeting on Wednesday. The entertainment never stops. (Link)
  • "Germans bring greetings to Minden" writes the Record-Courier and reports on the visit of Horst Schumacher and his son Jörg from Minden, Germany to celebrate Minden, Nevada's 100th anniversary.(Link)
  • Even more congratulations from the Record-Courier. (Link)
  • Is this good pork-barrel spending? The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Senator Harry Reid secured almost $100 million to preserve Walker Lake and Lake Tahoe. The White House in all its wisdom wanted the money scrapped of course. (Link)
  • The Review-Journal also has the last word on the failed flag amendment in this cartoon. (Link)
  • Love is in the air. At a meeting between the Arnold and the Log-Cabin Republicans, the gay wing of the GOP. And it's love all around, really. He loves gays. He spends more time with gays than with his wife. What does his wife do? She spends more time with gays than with the Arnold. What does the not so gay wing of the GOP have to say to this? "No Republican governor in California history has promoted transsexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality like Arnold Schwarzenegger has." This has to be the most abstruse piece I've read this year and it comes to you courtesy of the LA Times. (Link)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Phil Angelides A "Progressive Patriot"

I've reported before on Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund's contest which gubernatorial candidate should be supported next. California's Phil Angelides won and can now call himself a "Progressive Patriot." As if that weren't enough he also gets $5,000 by the PAC:
I am proud to support Phil Angelides. Phil is running for Governor to increase educational opportunities, provide higher quality health care to more people, and protect taxpayers by fighting corporate corruption.” Feingold said. “I am happy to contribute $5,000 to his campaign and am pleased to add him to our growing list of Progressive Patriots.

You can also suggest to the Progressive Patriots Fund which candidate they should support next. Many Tahoe candidates come to mind. The full list of candidates is on the sidebar.

Letter Of The Day: "We Deserve A Raise, Too"

As you might have noticed I have become an avid fan of letters to the editor. So, I figured I might just make an endless series out of it. Today's letter is by A. Pierce of Shingle Springs and was published in the Sacramento Bee:

Re "State leader pay to rise 18%," June 24: I too, am a state leader: I manage nearly 100 people. I have a budget (that I stay within) and I even set some policy. It has also been six years since I had a raise!

Eighteen percent sounds just fine to me: When do I get it? All I and my co-managers have been seeing from the state is takeaways (prescriptions that once cost $5 now cost $75) and threats of more takeaways.

Of course, we do get mentioned in the public statements of our "boss." I guess that is something.

Now, I understand there are times where everyone in an organization doesn't see eye to eye, but does your boss go to the newspaper or buy advertisements on the television to tell everyone that you and your co-workers are evil people and a threat to the state just because he doesn't want to live up to agreements that his predecessors made?

I guess we state workers do get special treatment. Personally, I would prefer the 18 percent.

Help Mr. Pierce get rid of his boss and contribute to Phil Angelides for Governor.

Thursday News Roundup

  • That was some entertainment alright. "Sparks flew during a legal report and public comment on the Lake Tahoe Airport tree-cutting issue Wednesday" reports the Tahoe Daily Tribune. So, it was fortunate the meeting took place inside. We don't want any further wildfires. The Tribune even provides us with highlights from the public comments. (Link)
  • However, the tree-cutting issue wasn't the only contentious one. The Tribune reports on some infighting at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency over the Homewood deal. Entertainment all the way. (Link)
  • Na, ja. Sie haben es versucht. Well, they tried. The Record-Courier welcomes two representatives from the German city of Minden to the centennial celebrations to Minden, Nevada. So, courtesy of Turn Tahoe Blue here are the corrections for your little welcome: Willkommen in Minden (double l and "in" not "zu"). Guten Tag meine Damen und Herren (plural! mein is singular; and dear Gentlemen at the Record-Courier: the ladies always come first!). And "Kaffee" is spelled with a double e. Other than that it's pretty good and I was happy to read some German in your paper. There was just one info missing: Is Minden, NV named after Minden, Germany? (Link)
  • Jane Ann Morrison of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote a column today that doesn't look so favourable on Henderson mayor and gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibson as the Review-Journal has been prone to do in the last couple of weeks. She details Gibson's involvement in a land sale in Henderson and the $150k of contributions the developer gave to him in December. Pay to play? Morrison says, you decide. On primary day. (Link)
  • Now, my Spanish could really be better but I understand enough that the following line in Reno's Ahora News isn't a love letter to Senator Ensignificant: "El grupo llamado Coalición Inmigrante de Nevada emitió un comunicado de prensa diciendo que John Ensign esta con 'los más extremos de su propio partido, con nacionalistas y racistas'." I'll just translate it for your convenience. The Immigrant Coalition of Nevada said in their press release that John Ensign is among "the most extreme in his party, among nationalists and racists." Just go and read the entire post. I just wonder if all the quotes by the ensignificant Senator were translated by Ahora or if he actually offered them in Spanish. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee does what any sensible news organization should do. It publishes an editorial stating that "the burden is on an administration that has gone much too far in the name of national security to show that news organizations have done the same in the name of press freedom. That's not evident." They also think the condemning of the New York Times is just another campaign ploy. (Link)
  • The Bee seems to be on a roll. Another great editorial deals with "the gun lobby's lap dogs." (Link)
  • There is a letter to the editor in today's San Francisco Chronicle by Hugh Gurin of San Francisco critizing Senator Dianne Feinstein for her support of the amendment banning flag burning. Yeah, what was that about Dianne? Read the letter. It's short but good. (Link)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In His Own Words - Rob Haswell

“When I get to Sacramento, I will work to make elections competitive again through non-partisian redistricting and clean money elections. My goal is to bring the voice of regular folks back into the process. I will concentrate on passing legislation that preserves and enhances our quality of life, rather than enabling its sell off to the highest bidder.

“If we want to make real change in Sacramento, we all must see this problem for what it is and work together to change it. I encourage you to join my campaign to preserve our quality of life by changing politics dramatically. Together, we can send a message to career politicians of both parties that the people want their government back.”

“While growing up, I benefited from California’s public education system by graduating from Tahoe-Truckee High School and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, San Diego, where I played intercollegiate baseball. I also earned a Master’s Degree from San Francisco State University. It is essential that we perserve and improve our state’s educational system so that future generations of Californians will have the same opportunities.”

Contribute to Rob Haswell for Assembly.

Candidates In Their Own Words

As I have said before I have recently created a Turn Tahoe Blue fundraising page at ActBlue. I have added most Democratic candidates in the Lake Tahoe area. Through the page you can contribute directly to the candidates running for Federal office. ActBule is still working on the candidates for state office in Nevada and California. The reason that this takes a little longer is due to the different election laws in the states. However, there is a "donate" link for every candidate that will lead you directly to the campaign's fundraising page.

To introduce the candidates I have started to add quotes by them to the page. I think it's sometimes best to let the candidates speak for themselves. Therefore, I will start a new series today called "In His/Her Own Words" that will feature the quotes I use on the Turn Tahoe Blue ActBlue page. The series will start with the candidate on the bottom of that fundraising list, though being last on that list certainly doesn't make him the least interesting candidate.

Please contribute and help Turn Tahoe Blue. Thank you.

(Disclaimer: Neither I nor ActBlue take a cut from any contributions. All contributions go directly to the campaign you donate to.)

Senator Ensign Deems Your Rights To Be Ensignificant

Senator Ensignificant doesn't believe in the First Amendment as witnessed in his vote for the amendment to ban flag burning. Today, Senator Ensignificant reveals that he doesn't believe in the freedom of the press either saying that the New York Times "should have worked in cooperation with those authorities in our government to make sure those who leaked were prosecuted". Seems he's on a role. Which freedom guaranteed by the constitution will the Senator deem ensignificant tomorrow, I wonder.

That said, I have to thank the Las Vegas Review-Journal for once again writing the truth: "The Nevadan and a group of other Republican senators echoed President Bush". Yup, that's how we know him.

Contribute to Jack Carter!

"Why Would You Vote Against Your Own Best Interests?"

That is the question Brian Sewell of Reno makes in his letter in today's Reno Gazette-Journal. And he makes a very good case:

Republicans, including John Ensign and Jim Gibbons, are not protecting you and me as citizens.

They voted against raising the minimum wage.

They have done nothing to stop the use of e-voting machines that are proved to be easily manipulated.

Although there is considerable proof that the 2004 election was tampered with, favoring Bush, the Republican Congress will not allow an inquiry.

CEOs earn 262 times more than the average worker. The Republican answer to this is to give them more tax breaks.

The average hourly wage for middle-class workers has gone down in the past five years.

More Americans are losing medical and retirement benefits because of Republican favoritism of big business.

Republicans will not allow an inquiry into corporate crime in Iraq, costing you and me.

Republicans will not allow Congress to conduct ethics committee hearings.

Poverty is real, growing, and the Republican Congress does nothing.

Also, don't forget about the deficit. That is costing each of us and our children.

This list could go on and on, but for our own best interest, we must rid our state and nation of Republican politicians who put theirs and corporate interests before ours.

Had enough? Vote Democratic!

Wednesday News Roundup

  • Tree cutting at the airport, Doolittle's involvement in the Homewood deal, the planned expansion of Heavenly. Now, that's what the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza considers material for drama and it advises its readers to join the fun at the TRPA meeting in Stateline today. Too bad I can't make it. (Link)
  • 1 in 5 children in Nevada live in poverty. Dawn Gibbons' response? "Secure borders". That's if you believe her shabby little ad that graces way too many of the Reno Gazette-Journal pages at the moment. It's good to know that the Dawn Gibbons cares about the children of Nevada. (Link)
  • "The male bullies insecurity act" didn't receive enough votes in the Senate. But there is a very good letter by Carter Earnshaw of Reno in the Reno Gazette-Journal today. (Link)
  • "Petition details matter" writes the editorial board of the RGJ. Who would argue with that? The group supporting the TASC petition. I've got a little game for you guys: count the number of times Goverwannabe Bob Beers is mentioned in this editorial. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal wonders which southern Nevadan Democrat is the better Governor for northern Nevada. Take a wild guess what they believe. (Link)
  • Bill Roberts of the Review-Journal proves in his column today why America currently has an image problem abroad. The headline reads "World Cup fever makes this sports fan sick" cause there is nothing worse in the world than a sports competition in which teams actually are from all over the world and not just from the United States. Hmm. (Link)
  • Robert Sheer writes in the San Francisco Chronicle about the "assault on freedom of the press". (Link)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Jimmy Carter Campaigning For His Son Jack!

As I said earlier I just love it when family members are involved in and care about a candidate's campaign. And while many of them are great and probably loving and caring people it just doesn't get better than this:

After a quarter century, it has been interesting to be re-introduced to the political world by attending a few rallies and fund-raisers for our son, Jack Carter, who is striving to become the next U.S. Senator from Nevada. Some notable differences have evolved in political campaigning.

These include the need for candidates to have great sums of money (I had practically none), a need to defend against negative advertising (Ford, Reagan and I just referred to each other as “my distinguished opponent), and a need to overcome extreme partisan divisions (I relied heavily on moderate Republicans in the Congress).

In my inaugural address, I quoted my high school teacher, Miss Julia Coleman, who said, “We must accommodate changing times but cling to unchanging principles.” In fact, the basic moral and ethical values that define the American people have not changed. What we have seen is a radical abandonment of our principles in Washington during the past five years. This is a disturbing trend that Jack will help to correct when he is elected.

Recently, a young girl who came to Plains with a group, and asked whether she should be a Democrat or a Republican. I asked her a series of questions, and her answers let everyone there know that she was already a Democrat.

“Do you favor using America’s great strength to preserve global peace or for launching pre-emptive wars?”

“Do you believe we should protect the environment or let it be destroyed for immediate commercial advantage?”

“Do you think that major tax reductions should be designed to favor the richest families or those who have to work for a living?”

“Do you agree that the accumulation of enormous and unprecedented government deficits is a fair burden to be placed on our children and grandchildren?”

“Do you approve of our government incarcerating prisoners without charges against them, legal counsel, or family visits -- and even excusing or condoning their torture?”

“Do you believe we should ignore the advice of Jesus (‘Render under Caesar...’) and Thomas Jefferson (‘Build a wall...’) in keeping separate the church and state?”

“Do you believe our government should reject or ignore all the nuclear arms control agreements since the time of Dwight Eisenhower?”

“Do you consider it appropriate for our government agencies to spy on American citizens without first obtaining the legally required judicial approval?”

“Do you believe that political leaders should deliberately strive to divide Americans from each other?”

The 2006 election could be a turning point in the history of our great nation, as these kinds of questions are answered by individual voters. Despite the challenges, our people have always demonstrated the ability to correct our own mistakes – as in the days of racial segregation and the abuses of Joe McCarthy. There are a few states where political contests will be crucial. Nevada is one of them. You can help by contributing to Jack’s campaign.


Jimmy Carter

You can contribute to Jack here.

Yeah, Baby!

Man, I just saw one of the most efficient ads of the year. Pundits already started writing down Dina Titus' campaign for Governor of Nevada because Jim Gibson had started a so called "ad blitz" against her. There was a lot of rumouring that Titus might not react because she didn't have the money or in case Titus would she'd have to spend all her money.

However, I have to agree with the Las Vegas Gleaner who, even though he's not such a big Titus fan, can't help but be surprised:

Attacks, happy-face Meet Dina material and the suggestion that the "D" after Gibson's name continues to confound, all in one 30-second ad -- with that kind of efficiency, maybe she doesn't need to have as much money as the conservative white guys in ties.

Maybe she doesn't and hopefully Democratic primary voters will know by August 15 who the real progressive in this race is.

The Vegas Pundit has the clip.

Vote for Titus!

Campaign Blogs

Today I've added links to campaign blogs. There are two blogs that are very noteworthy. What I like most about both blogs is that they are not written by campaign operatives but by family members of the candidates.

The first blog is by Sarah Carter, the daughter of Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Jack Carter. On Carter Blog Sarah offers a daily blog roundup and blogs on other matters important to the campaign.

The other blog is written by Kim Haswell, wife of California Assembly candidate Rob Haswell. That blog is relatively new. There have been two earlier entries on the Haswell Campaign Journal but Kim has only really started blogging a couple of days ago. I hope she'll stick with it. It's a great asset to the campaign.

I may add further campaign blogs at a later point.

Tuesday News Roundup

  • There will be a public hearing on the new Heavenly master plan tomorrow. Maybe someone of you wants to attend. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports. (Link)
  • The Reno Gazette-Journal reports on another hearing in Reno. This time on the regional growth plan. (Link)
  • The Nevada Appeal reports that the state will collect $1 billion less in property taxes because of a tax cap. Another number you might enjoy: 56% of High School students in Nevada actually graduate. But, hey, who needs taxes! (Link)
  • Two initiatives might actually make it on the ballot in November. The Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)
  • What Nevada really needs? An amendment to ban flag burning. At least that's what the entire congressional delegation, both Democrats included, believes. Erin Neff calls Reid's plan to vote for the amendment "pandering". And here is a shocker: there is hardly a sentence in her column that I disagree with. (Link) and (Link)
  • Oh, California has a budget. Before you jump with joy read this paragraph from the Sacramento Bee: "Democrats and the Republican governor gave in to legislative Republicans' demand that they remove funds for children's health insurance programs that could benefit undocumented immigrants." What would America be without Republicans! (Link)
  • Berkeley's City Council could be the first in the Nation to put impeaching Bush and Cheney on the ballot. The San Francisco Chronicle. (Link)
  • The LA Times Editorial Board makes "The case for flag-burning". (Link)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Fingerprinting A Requirement To Host Exchange Students?

Today I read a letter by Corey Lucero-Perkins of Elk Grove, California in the Sacramento Bee. She writes about the joys of hosting exchange students and urges others to do the same. Good on her!

Now, those of you who have read posts by me before are probably aware that I was an exchange student at Lake Tahoe ten years ago. Were it not for that fact I wouldn't be the person I am today. I probably wouldn't have grown from a very shy and stubborn teenager into a relatively self-confident and still a little stubborn adult. I wouldn't have experienced another country, another culture, another school system, another family, who, by the way, was very loving and caring and who have accepted me as their fifth son.

After I read Ms. Lucero-Perkins' letter in the Sacramento Bee I went to the homepage of CIEE, the exchange organization she was working with. They had a little action alert on their homepage. I clicked on it and could not, for the life of me, believe what I read:

Please contact your state senator to Vote NO on legislation that would require finger printing in order to host an exchange student

Legislation was recently introduced in the State of California that would require all student exchange organizations to submit to the Department of Justice host family applicants finger print images and other information necessary to obtain a criminal background check on each person 18 years of age or older who resides with the family where the exchange student would reside.

The exchange student industry currently supports federal regulations established in May 2006 that requires a criminal background check on each host family and its members over the age of 18 yrs old. The Federal Regulation adopts the standards of leading organizations in youth-work field including Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and YMCA to name a few, that uses national criminal background check services to review the records of all jurisdictions – federal, state and local. This system reports not only arrests but more detailed information on convictions and dispositions. It also includes offenses for which fingerprints are not taken.

In a time where bridging cultural misconceptions is of major importance, this legislation will only create an inconvenience for potential host families and discourage them from participating. Host families provide exchange students and their families the opportunity to look beyond the stereotypes. They provide access to our country, to our culture at the very level where it matters, at the heart of the American Family. There is no better way to get to know us as a culture than to live in our homes and our communities. Please let’s not discourage those families that want to open their homes and their hearts to exchange students. Please contact your senator today by sending the message below.

WTF? I was stunned, simply stunned. In these times of turmoil in the world when hatred is preached in many countries, in these times of war nothing more is important than talking to each other, than getting to know another country, another culture. There is a reason the exchange organization with which I came to America is called Youth for Understanding.

If you're from California, please write your State Senator and tell them to vote no on this bill.

And, please think about whether you are able to take in an exchange student. If it weren't for my host family you wouldn't be reading this.

Monday News Roundup

  • A 835% increase in 40 years. In pollution. In Nevada. The Reno Gazette-Journal's editorial board calls for turning attention and resources to fighting pollution. (Link)
  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has published three letters on Senator Harry Reid today and yesterday. Two positive, one negative. The first two are by Vanessa Belz and Gary Ghiggeri, Jr., the third is by Van Ball, all are from Reno. (Link), (Link) and (Link)
  • Oh, the Las Vegas Review-Journal just cannot get enough of Democratic gubernatorial canididate Jim Gibson. Today they're reporting on his "ad blitz" and wonder if and when his competitors will start placing TV ads. One already has. (Link)
  • Now, what did I say about negative campaigning a couple of weeks ago, especially in a primary? Not such a good idea, is it? Turns out Republicans are now using Steve Westly's attacks against Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Angelides reports the Sacramento Bee. Thank you, Steve! (Link)
  • More letters to the editor in the Sacramento Bee. Especially noteworthy is the letter by Jerry Ann Campbell of Shingle Springs. She reports on her experience of being deleted from the voting rolls. Ever heard of "caging"? That was the method they used to delete her. You better read this letter and make sure this doesn't happen to you! (Link)

Added Feeds

Now, there is one thing you guys have to understand. I'm technologically challenged. Meaning, it takes me a long, long time before I understand things that are in any way related to programming or things of that matter. You cannot believe how enthused I was once I figured out how to add links.

Today I have added feeds. A lot of them, practically all Feed Burner had to offer. If you're into this kind of thing you will find all the colorful feeds on the bottom of the sidebar.

Thanks to Randy of The Bayne of Blog's California Notes for asking me why I didn't have any feeds and therefore encouraging me to get it done. Also a big thank you for linking to Turn Tahoe Blue on his blog.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

New York Times Magazine "Interview" With Jack Carter

U.S. Senate candidate Jack Carter proves once again that he's an intelligent, honest, down-to-earth man in an "interview" with Deborah Solomon of the New York Times Magazine today. The questions are just mostly awkward and that's putting it politely. It sometimes seems like she wants to trap him. Well, she didn't manage to. Here's one example:
I wonder how many U.S. senators have no prior experience in politics.

Well, I know the first ones we had back in the 1780's — the first batch of elected officials that we had when the nation was started — none of them did. I haven't kept up with them since.
All Ms. Solomon had to say to that was "touché". You can read the whole "interview" here.

Sunday News Roundup

  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has an editorial on the possibility of Nevada joining New Hampshire and Iowa in the early primary and caucus season of the Democratic Party. They think it would be best for the entire party to vote at the same time for their Presidential nominee. (Link)
  • The Nevada Appeal's Kirk Caraway has another noteworthy editorial, this time on the debate on the war in Iraq. He faults Congress for just trying to score political points and not coming up with a solution. (Link)
  • Republicans working for Democrats? Democrats working for Republicans? There seems to be some odd tradition in Nevada according to the Las Vegas Sun. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal takes a look at how Nevada's congressional delegation voted this past week. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee bemoans that gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides is "slow to offer crime views". (Link)
  • There is an interesting and, I have to say, a little scary article in the LA Times that points out how Republicans are making sure how they won and plan to win elections. Let's hope and work hard so it changes this November. (Link)

Jack Carter Getting Some Attention Outside Nevada

Sarah Carter at the Carter Blog points out an article published in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution headlined "Carter son seeks Senate seat in Nevada". It's generally a good piece and I wanted to point to a few paragraphs:

There is no question that the task his father has set for himself will be supremely difficult. His low standing in the polls aside, Jack Carter's run is also complicated by what some describe as a cordial working relationship between Reid and Ensign — who came within 500 votes of beating the Democratic leader in 1998 before winning the state's other Senate seat in 2000. Reid has given money to Carter's campaign, but at a joint press conference earlier this year, he brushed off Carter when he tried to interject a comment.

Carter's biggest challenge, though, is raising enough money to compete with a well-funded Republican incumbent.

"There are no optimistic signs for him," said Jon Ralston, who writes a political column and newsletter in Las Vegas. "If he had $3 million, I might be talking differently."

But Carter has seen another politician overcome such disadvantages — one who, because of his background as a peanut farmer, was comfortable chatting up Midwestern hog farmers, and put together an unexpected win in the 1976 Iowa caucuses that helped propel him to the Democratic presidential nomination.

First of all, I have to say that the poll numbers (and there have been very few polls, almost none of which are very reliable) are going up steadily as Sarah Carter pointed out recently. But that's besides the point. It's the money game. Jack Carter needs more contributions. That's why it's so important that Sarah is blogging on a daily basis and getting a lot of attention (and quite a few contributions) through her postings on Daily Kos.

You can help Jack Carter win by contributing to him through the Turn Tahoe Blue fundraising page.

What is of real importance, though, is that Jack Carter knows how to talk to and interact with the people of Nevada. Part of that effort is their rural strategy:
Part of the younger Carter's strategy is to improve on John Kerry's 2004 margin — the Democratic presidential nominee lost Nevada by about 21,000 votes — by working the small towns and rural pockets of the state where Bush rolled up huge numbers.

"They're the same kind of people here [as] they are in Georgia. Country people are the same everywhere," he said.
A briefer version of this article was also published in the Duluth News Tribune. In case you were wondering that is not the paper of the suburb of Atlanta but of the city of Duluth in Minnesota.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Why Does The White House Press Corps Have Such A Bad Rap In Europe?

The following is an update of my "Mr. President, for me 9/11 was not 'a moment'" post from two days ago:

In their Newsweek column Richard Wolffe and Holly Bailey ask "why do Americans have such a bad rap in Europe?" Unfortunately they don't quite get it. They think hostility towards the President and the White House press corps equates to hostility towards Americans. That is not the case though. What these two journalists don't get is that the White House press corps is seen as being aligned with the President. People in Europe are not as stupid as you might believe. They do realize that the American media was instrumental for the Iraq war and that there's more sucking up to the administration than criticism of it. Case in point is when Mr Wolffe and Ms Bailey quote George W. Bush at the end of their column saying that 9/11 was just "a moment" and don't even get that Europeans might be offended by such a statement. Do Americans have a "bad rap" in Europe? Not generally, no. Do President Bush and the White House press corps have a "bad rap" in Europe? Certainly, and deservedly so.


Wow! I can't believe this is my 50th post on Turn Tahoe Blue! This blog has only been online for a month now and I just wanted to use this opportunity to say thank you!

Thank you to you, my reader, whether you are here for the first time, come here from time to time or have become a daily reader.

Thank you to the Nevada and California blogosphere for welcoming me and especially to the following blogs for linking to Turn Tahoe Blue: Battleborn Battleground, Calitics, Carter Blog, Desert Beacon, Random Thoughts, Reno and Its Discontents, Say NO to Jim and Dawn Gibbons, and the Wednesday Wire.

Thank you to all of you who had kind words of encouragement for me, either in the comments or via e-mail.

Saturday News Roundup

  • The people of Fernley are really very nice folks. No doubt about it. They practically get insulted by Congresswoman wannabe Dawn Gibbons and unanimously give her the benefit of the doubt. Didn't stop Gibbons from apologizing, though. The Reno Gazette-Journal has all the quotes. (Link)
  • I have become an avid reader of letters to the editor. The polls on Iraq must be right because a majority of those writing letters also oppose the war in Iraq and are in favour of withdrawal. There is a lot of criticism of the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress but Democrats also get their share for not being united in getting the troops home. Says one reader: "No wonder Democrats are reluctant to go to the voting booth. Many have lost confidence that the party represents their concerns in a strong unified voice." Noteworthy letters are by Patricia Garlinghouse of Rancho Murieta, Arnold Stone of Roseville, Philip S. Kearney of Sacramento, David Krebs of Sacramento, Sherman Stein of Davis, and finally Gabe Aeschliman of Rio Linda opines on how the world views the U.S. and writes "We will continue to be judged, so we must be our own harshest critic to validate our international integrity." (Link)
  • Both the Sacramento Bee and the LA Times have a story on the 18% pay increase for top state officials. I would just like to remind elected officials complaining about their current salary (and that absolutely includes Democrats) that the current minimum wage in California is $6.75. Maybe that's what some of them should be paid for a month so that they know how fortunate they really are. And one word for the Attorney General. Complaining that you're underpaid (at $148,750 a year) because a district attorney makes more than you ain't such a good idea. Maybe the district attorney's pay should just be cut in half instead. (Link) and (Link)
  • Now, my apologies to anyone who's offended by the dumbest Op-Ed of the year, courtesy of "German born" John Ziegler. He honestly complains that the World Cup games by Mexico draw more television viewers in the LA area than the U.S. games. In his deranged opinion this justifies some Mexican bashing saying that "Latinos' loyalty to Mexico's World Cup team and Spanish-language broadcasts shows many immigrants aren't yet Americans". Mr. Ziegler says that "if Mexico were much better than the USA, the assimilation apologists could argue that L.A.-area soccer fans were just more interested in watching a superior product". He argues that it ain't so and leaves out the fact that while Mexico made it to the next round the U.S. came in last in their group managing a draw against Italy and losing against the Czech Republic and Ghana. It just amazes me that time and time again people like Mr. Ziegler (yesterday it was Mr. Smith) make arguments that just do not hold up to closer inspection. Now, let me tell you what's going on in Germany. What Mexican immigrants are for the U.S., Turkish immigrants are for Germany. Here, no one rejects their right to root for the team where they or their parents were born. And why should anyone do so? This year, Turkey did not qualify for the World Cup and what happened? Many Turkish immigrants are rooting for the German team, even waving the German flag in celebration after a game was won. Most Germans were surprised by this. Positively. I have just one final question for Mr. Ziegler who seems so proud of his German heritage: how many kids in Germany are named John? (Link)

Charlie Brown To Doolittle: Give Abramoff Money To Charity

Before I get into the story: what's up with the Sacramento Bee? "Doolittle's Foe Focuses on Cash". What kinda headline is that? Foe? Last I heard Charlie Brown was the opponent of Congressman Doolittle in a democratic election. The whole headline implies something that is just not the story. The first picture I had in my mind after reading the headline was that Charlie Brown was on a mad fundraising hunt for his campaign. So, I say to the Bee's headline writers: read the story before you make up a headline. Geez.

Now to the important stuff. Doolittle won't give back the money he received by Abramoff. So, it's a clever step by Charlie Brown to ask him to donate it to charity. It's hard to argue against charity. At least anyone in his right mind would think so.

In today's article by the Sacramento Bee Charlie Brown is quite clear that keeping Abramoff's money is just wrong:

But Brown, a retired Air Force officer, said the report leaves unanswered the question of whether Doolittle engaged in a "pay-to-play" relationship with the lobbyist in which political contributions resulted in official actions.

"With public disdain for Congress at an all-time high, it's time for John and Julie Doolittle to finally do the right thing," Brown said. "Give back the dirty money, or better yet, give it to a charity."

While there was no immediate comment by Doolittle's office the Bee still managed to insert a nice anti-Pelosi quote:

Richard Robinson, Doolittle's chief of staff and a top campaign strategist, said Brown should have learned from the last election that "adopting Nancy Pelosi's phony 'culture of corruption' campaign isn't a winning strategy."

"The voters have already rejected these smear tactics," he said, "and they will continue to reject them no matter how many times Brown tries to recycle them."

Well, I believe the voters in California's 4th Congressional District can see right through that pesky rhetoric. After all, what's worse? A corrupt congressman or a liberal Italian Grandmother from San Francisco?

You can help Charlie here.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday News Roundup

  • There is no global warming, you say? Well, take a closer look at the warming of Lake Tahoe despite all conservationist efforts and you might be pursuaded otherwise. Global warming's coming home. The North Lake Tahoe Bonanza reports. (Link)
  • John Singlaub, the executive director of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, writes in the Tahoe Daily Tribune that "protecting Lake Tahoe takes all of us". Hear, hear! (Link)
  • Anjeanette Damon of the Reno Gazette-Journal reports on a gubernatorial debate that wasn't even attended by three of the five candidates of the two major parties. (Link)
  • The Reno Gazette-Journal also reports that only 70% of high school students graduate nationwide. That's a shame. In Nevada, the graduation rate is 55.9%. That's a disgrace. And it happened under the watch of a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature. Had enough? Vote Democratic! (Link) The importance of education is proven by the ad by Dawn Gibbons on that site. Doesn't look like her graphic designer has a degree either.
  • "Cut and Run!" I come to really be a fan of Mike Smith's cartoons. Take a look. (Link) Maybe you might want to support Charlie Brown for Congress. Not only did he serve himself. His son is currently serving this third rotation in Iraq.
  • Truthiness at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. John L. Smith is cherry picking some poll numbers so that his story that Gibson is better than Titus works. He quotes an internal poll by the Gibson campaign that has him leading Titus by 38.1% to 28%. Now, I must say to the mayor of Henderson when you commission an internal poll you have to make sure that the results look a little better than this. Especially considering that in your poll 33.9% are undecided. So, the I-could-care-less camp is within the margin of error of winning over you, huh? Dude, that's bad. Then Smith points out the new Zogby poll which has Congressman Gibbons leading among Republicans. What Mr. Smith tries to ignore to make his column at least half way credible is the fact that Gibson's numbers are slipping while Titus' are not. The June numbers from Zogby: Gibbons 44.6%, Titus 36.7%. Gibbons 42.4%, Gibson 33.8%. May numbers: Gibbons 46%, Titus 36%. Gibbons 44%, Gibson 39%. Hmm, seems to me like Gibson's numbers are really slipping against likely Republican nominee Gibbons while the margin between Titus and Gibbons is getting slimmer. Forgotten how to read numbers, Mr. Smith? Maybe you're a victim of Nevada's education system in Republican hands. (Link)
  • What happens when the system investigates itself? You guessed it. Everyone is cleared of any wrongdoing. So, it wasn't a big surprise when the wife of Congressman Doolittle was proclaimed innocent by a Senate Indian Affairs Committee report. The fact remains that she took $66,000 from an Indian tribe via Jack Abramoff. The Sacramento Bee. (Link)

Senator Ensignificant

Jack Carter's Senate campaign could not have found a more appropriate slogan than the one you see above. Senator John Ensign has proven time and time again how ensignificant he really is. Not only that he's a White House rubber stamp, voting with the administration at least 96% of the time. No, he'll also show you how ensignificant his promises to the people of Nevada are.

Senator Ensign wanted to help with the public acquisition of Incline Lake by August 10 of this year. Well, turns out the deadline won't be kept. However, that's not a problem according to Ensign's Spinster in Chief, John Lopez. From the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza:

Officials from Ensign's office said the "important thing for (Incline residents) to remember" is that the Aug. 10 deadline was "never set in stone" and the deal is "still moving along."

"The first thing is an acquisition (of this size) can hang out for two or three years," said deputy chief of staff John Lopez. "(Ensign) wanted to challenge people involved - if we didn't hit the Aug. 10 deadline it's not (bad)."

Lopez mirrored comments earlier in the week from local agency officials that the appraisal process for the property is underway.

"The appraiser is a competent guy," Lopez said. "He's worked on (large-scale) acquisitions in the basin before ... we have all the information from the owners of (Incline Lake), but it is a process that doesn't happen overnight."


"Terra Firma is feeling very positive," Lopez said. "All of us want a very fair appraisal - we want a number that characterizes the (property). We want (taxpayers) to get their money's worth.

"Everything is on-track ... I can't think of anything that would suggest that (the deal) won't get completed by the end of the year."

End of the year, huh? Meaning after the election? And if that deadline isn't kept by the ensignificant Senator it doesn't matter much, does it? Because, either the Senator will make room in his office for the newly elected Senator Carter or, for the worst-case scenario, he'll be reelected by a slim margin and can just duke out another ensignificant deadline.

Okay, then. Ready to contribute or volunteer for Jack Carter now?

Turn Tahoe Blue Fundraising Page

If you want to help Turn Tahoe Blue and contribute to campaigns that matter to the Lake Tahoe area then there is a relatively easy way to do so. I have created a Turn Tahoe Blue fundraising page at ActBlue.

As of now not all candidates, especially those running for state and local office, are on there. However, you can contribute to the campaigns of Jack Carter, Jill Derby, Dianne Feinstein and Charlie Brown. For some reason ActBlue is currently not processing contributions for state races but I hope that will change soon. So, if you would like to contribute to the non-federal campaigns you can click on the links on the righthand side of this blog. They will take you directly to the campaign sites.

Here's the link to my Turn Tahoe Blue page on ActBlue. Thank you for helping Turn Tahoe Blue!

[Update] I received an e-mail from Jeremy of ActBlue explaining to me why they are not yet able to process contributions to state candidates in California and Nevada. The reason for that is the wide array of campaign laws. So, they need to work through those first making sure that they stay within the law when passing on contributions to candidates. He said that should happen relatively soon.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday News Roundup

  • Can Senator John Ensign keep his promise to turn Incline Lake into public land? He may not make it and the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza wonders what the consequences might be in that case. (Link) and (Link) I have one question for the Bonanza, though: What exactly does "likely candidate" mean when you're referring to Jack Carter? Come on, get a grip!
  • The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports on the regional plan of the Pathway 2006 forum. (Link)
  • After predicting that none of the six initiatives might make it on the ballot, the Nevada Appeal today reports that two might actually be decided by voters in November. Of course, as always, Republicans can't just admit defeat, so congressional candidate Sharron Angle blames "liberal activists" for not being able to gather enough signatures to get her millionaire friendly tax initiative on the ballot. Oh, poor Sharon! (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal again shows us what a responsible news outlet it is by declaring that it's none of the evil federal government's business when judges get shot at. Nope, I'm not making this up. (Link)
  • David Broder proves that it's a problem for inside the beltway pundits to get with the program. In his most recent column carried by the Sacramento Bee he slams the netroots and in particular Markos from Daily Kos, rather believing in traditional work done by D.C. insiders. How shortsighted. (Link)
  • There will be an election workshop for candidates in Tahoe City on Tuesday. The Sierra Sun has more. (Link)

Mr. President, for me 9/11 was not "a moment"!

I posted this at Daily Kos last night and am still mad as hell, so I'm cross-posting it at MyDD and Turn Tahoe Blue today:

I'm sick (the summer flu), tired (it's past midnight in Germany) and mad as hell, insulted and outraged!

I just saw the President of the United States of America on NBC Nightly News responding to a question why, after 15 trips to Europe, many still react with protests when he comes. He said he "understands" why people react that way: for Europeans "9/11 was a moment".

How dare he!

I was an exchange student in the US ten years ago. I lived in Stateline, Nevada at the beautiful Lake Tahoe and was very fortunate to live with a loving and caring host family. America has become a second home to me. And it still is.

On 9/11 I was interning with a member of the European Parliament in Brussels. It was just one day after my 23rd birthday. One day after my birthday the world changed. I was sitting in on a meeting of the Foreign Relations committee when news of a plane having hit the World Trade Center came in. With more information coming in via text messages on mobile phones members of that committee held a moment of silence without really knowing what happened.

Later the European Parliament was evacuated. In the coming days there was a special session of parliament condemning the attacks and paying tribute to the victims.

There were rumours abound that Brussels might be attacked as well, either the European Parliament or NATO headquarters. Everyone realized that not America was attacked but that all of the Democratic World was attacked and that certainly included Europe.

It's significant to remember that the victims of 9/11 came from all over the world. While the majority of victims were Americans there were victims from virtually every European country, including Germany.

I would also like to remind the President that the world and Europe in particular stood and still stand like one man behind the United States in its efforts to fight terrorism. There is a reason why Germany and many other countries still have troops in Afghanistan.

And I would also like to remind the President that the reason for the protests against him are not because 9/11 for Europeans was just "a moment". Protests against this administration started with his intention to invade Iraq.

While Germany is engaged in Afghanistan it refused to support the war in Iraq. While Spain withdrew its troops from Iraq it did not do so in Afghanistan.

Europeans know that 9/11 was not just "a moment" but an attack on all of us. That not only the United States is a target of terrorism is quite clear when you look at where else terrorists struck: Madrid, London, Istanbul, on tourists in Morocco, Tunesia and Bali.

How dare you, Mr. President, howe dare you come to Europe and tell us that for us 9/11 was just "a moment". How dare you insult us?

Why not be humble for a change? Apologize! Apologize for this insult. Apologize for telling us there were weapons of mass destructions in Iraq. Apologize for creating a terrorists haven in Iraq and distracting from fighting terrorism in Afghanistan. Apologize for the deaths of all soldiers killed and injured in Iraq and especially for the deaths of European soldiers. For none of them was 9/11 "a moment".

Europe stands behind the United States. However, it does not stand behind an administration and a President who has lied to the people of Europe repeatedly.

Sir, 9/11 was not "a moment" for me, neither was it for the people of Europe!

Debra Bowen endorsed by Democracy for America

After finding some endorsements by Democratic PACs by chance I have now started to actively look at what different PACs are doing for Tahoe candidates.

The Democratic nominee for California Secretary of State Debra Bowen has been endorsed by Democracy for America (DFA) and is one of thirty endorsed candidates for local, statewide and federal office on the DFA-List. Democracy for America is chaired by James H. Dean who has taken over from his brother Howard Dean when he was elected Chairman of DNC.

Candidates can apply for an endorsement here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"House Delays Renewal of Voting Rights Act"

That is the unbelievable headline in the Washington Post for the scandal that is the United States Congress in controll of the GOP. How dare they? This just proves my point below that we need to concentrate on the Secretary of State races this November to ensure free and fair elections. I urge you to support Ross Miller in Nevada and Debra Bowen in California.

And while you're at it, do everything in your power to not only turn Tahoe blue but to ensure that Republicans will finally lose Congress this fall.

Great Interviews With Jack Carter

There are two great interviews with Jack Carter on the internet. One was done by ePluribus Media. You can read it here. It was also posted in a diary on Daily Kos today with some good comments added.

While I was able to find this interview on my own there is another interview with Stuart O'Neill's Political Interviews to which Sarah Carter's blog linked to. It's in an audio format. You can listen to it here.

Heartland PAC Endorses Ross Miller

Since voting on candidates seems to be the new thing by all the PACs I figured I'd google a little to see if there is anyone else felt inspired by what Mark Warner's and Russ Feingold's PACs are currently doing. And I must say I was very surprised by what I found.

Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack's Heartland PAC has three endorsements on his homepage and one of them is Ross Miller, son of former Nevada Governor Bob Miller. Ross Miller is running for Secretary of State of Nevada. This is one of the most important offices in the state. What can happen when Republicans are in this office was unfortunately displayed to all of us in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004.

If you want free and fair elections and if you want every vote to be counted support Ross Miller for Secretary of State. More on the Heartland PAC endorsement here.

Wednesday News Roundup

  • Nevada is growing and growing and growing. One wonders how long this is sustainable with most of the state basically being a desert. Reno now hit the 200,000 mark. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Sun opines that Congress should do more than "mindless sloganeering" offered by Republicans and offer solutions and discuss them. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal basically tells Gibbons to get of his lazy ass and start campaigning if he doesn't wanna get bruised too much in his primary against Bob Beers. Oh, I don't mind a little bruising. But let's just hope voters will remember the Review-Journal's characterisations come November. (Link)
  • Oh, the Arnold may see himself as the Governator but he sure doesn't know how to run prisons. Just read this report in the Sacramento Bee. (Link)
  • Then there is the question where a growing Reno gets its water from. Maybe not from Honey Lake Valley as planned. The Lassen County Times reports. (Link)

Another Edition of "Help Turn Tahoe Blue"

Apparently the PACs by aspiring presidential candidates really like to have contests to see which candidates they should support next. And I must say I don't really mind. It's fun really and you can see how much support some candidates have.

This time Senator Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriot's Fund has a contest on which gubernatorial campaign to support next. Among the candidates is California's Phil Angelides. You can support Phil by voting for him here.

You can also suggest which candidate the Progressive Patriot's Fund should support next and you can help Turn Tahoe Blue by suggesting Jack Carter, Jill Derby or Charlie Brown by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Help Turn Tahoe Blue!

I just voted for Jack Carter and Charlie Brown at Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC. And you can too! View my ballot and then click on the link below and vote!

My MapChangers


NV-Sen Jack Carter

Help Turn Tahoe Blue! You can do so by supporting Jack Carter who's an honest and competent man and he's got great family support, especially from his daughter Sarah who's blogging for the campaign.

CA-04 Charlie Brown

You can also help Turn Tahoe Blue by supporting Charlie Brown. CA-04 represents the California side of Tahoe.

CA-03 Bill Durston

TX-Sen Barbara Radnofsky

NM-01 Patricia Madrid


IL-15 David Gill

Dr. Gill has the prescription for America and a really great site. He's got a tough fight ahead but he's one fine candidate!

OH-03 Stephanie Studebaker

IL-14 John Laesch

OH-15 Mary Jo Kilroy

PA-06 Lois Murphy

Want to choose your own MapChangers?

Tuesday News Roundup

  • "Best bishop for the job" is the headline of an editorial in the Reno Gazette-Journal on the election of Nevada Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as the new head of the Episcopal Church. I can only agree. (Link)
  • Some good news courtesy of the Nevada Appeal. None of the six initiatives aimed at amending the Nevada Constitution might make it on the ballot due to lack of signatures. Among others, that would be a blow to two Republican candidates this year, Sharron Angle, running for Congress in CD-02 and Bob Beers, running for Governor. (Link)
  • Representative Doolittle is a strong advocate for cutting government spending. Well, not. His latest action in fighting earmarks? Supporting an earmark that would give El Dorado County $400,000. Not bad, dude! For what, you ask? "The Granddaddy of off-road vehicle trails in the world" as El Dorado County Supervisor Jack Sweeney put it. I kid you not. If the Senate were to agree to this the money would come from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Rubicon Trail must be in the middle of South Lake Tahoe and a necessity for housing the poor. Anyhow, why is it again the American government can't afford to give its troops the body armour they need, so that Cher has to jump in and contribute? If you haven't lost your mind completely by the exhaust fumes coming from the off-roader in front of you then dump Doolittle in November! The Sacramento Bee reports. (Link)
  • Two ridiculous Arnold stories today. One from the San Francisco Chronicle which quotes his campaign manager as saying that the Arnold believes Senator Dianne Feinstein to be a "great Senator", thereby undermining the Republican candidate, whatever his name is. (Link) The other coming from the LA Times stating that the Arnold likes gays, well Republican "Log Cabin" gays. That is as long as they don't want to get married or want anything else from him. I bet the Arnold will still accept their campaign contributions though. What is it that the Log Cabineers have achieved exactly? (Link)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday News Roundup

  • Congratulations to the George Whittell High School class of 2006! The Tahoe Daily Tribune has the report on the graduation ceremony of the School I attended ten years ago. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Sun reports on how the stance of Nevada's members of Congress on the war in Iraq has changed. Or not. Senator Ensign still stands by his decision to support the war and actually believes it will be a "succes". However, he can't quite say what success entails and when it will be achieved. Hmm. His Republican friend Congressman Jim Gibbons is a little more specific. He believes the war in Iraq will turn into "a 30-year war on terror" and compared it to the wars in Korea, Germany and Kosovo where America soldiers were and are still stationed once the war was over. Maybe the Congressman might want to pollish his history a little. Once the war was over American soldiers were not attacked and killed on daily basis in Korea, Germany and Kosovo. And please don't tell me the war in Iraq isn't over. The President said so. Remember the "Mission Accomplished" banner on that aircraft carrier? Well, the people do. (Link)
  • Mike Smith has another great cartoon in today's Sun. Ever heard of Wiretapping Central Command? (Link)
  • The Episcopal Church elects the Bishop of Nevada, Katharine Jefferts Schori, as its first female head. Congratulations to Bishop Jefferts Schori! (Link)
  • The father of Nevada Democratic Attorney General candidate Catherine Cortez Masto, Manny Cortez died on Sunday. My condolences. (Link)
  • Republican Congressmen Jim Gibbons and Jon Porter do what they know best: the politics of inclusion. This time Democratic Congresswoman Shelley Berkley is the 'victim'. The Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee reports on the prospects of African American candidates running for the California Legislature. (Link)
  • Republican Congressman John Doolittle is pretty good at one thing. Angering people. The Sierra Sun has published three letters by residents who are angered about his piece on permanently repealing the estate tax in the Sun last week. Somehow there don't seem to be too many letters in support of Doolittle. Or better said: None. "Hypocricy of fiscal policies" by Mary Hart Thompson (Link), "The high cost of repealing the death tax" by David Fenimore of Tahoe Vista (Link) and GOP enabling their corporate keepers" by Louis Richnak of Olympic Valley (Link).
  • "Internet rewrites political playbook" reports the San Francisco Chronicle on its frontpage (Link)