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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday News Roundup

  • That was some entertainment alright. "Sparks flew during a legal report and public comment on the Lake Tahoe Airport tree-cutting issue Wednesday" reports the Tahoe Daily Tribune. So, it was fortunate the meeting took place inside. We don't want any further wildfires. The Tribune even provides us with highlights from the public comments. (Link)
  • However, the tree-cutting issue wasn't the only contentious one. The Tribune reports on some infighting at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency over the Homewood deal. Entertainment all the way. (Link)
  • Na, ja. Sie haben es versucht. Well, they tried. The Record-Courier welcomes two representatives from the German city of Minden to the centennial celebrations to Minden, Nevada. So, courtesy of Turn Tahoe Blue here are the corrections for your little welcome: Willkommen in Minden (double l and "in" not "zu"). Guten Tag meine Damen und Herren (plural! mein is singular; and dear Gentlemen at the Record-Courier: the ladies always come first!). And "Kaffee" is spelled with a double e. Other than that it's pretty good and I was happy to read some German in your paper. There was just one info missing: Is Minden, NV named after Minden, Germany? (Link)
  • Jane Ann Morrison of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote a column today that doesn't look so favourable on Henderson mayor and gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibson as the Review-Journal has been prone to do in the last couple of weeks. She details Gibson's involvement in a land sale in Henderson and the $150k of contributions the developer gave to him in December. Pay to play? Morrison says, you decide. On primary day. (Link)
  • Now, my Spanish could really be better but I understand enough that the following line in Reno's Ahora News isn't a love letter to Senator Ensignificant: "El grupo llamado Coalición Inmigrante de Nevada emitió un comunicado de prensa diciendo que John Ensign esta con 'los más extremos de su propio partido, con nacionalistas y racistas'." I'll just translate it for your convenience. The Immigrant Coalition of Nevada said in their press release that John Ensign is among "the most extreme in his party, among nationalists and racists." Just go and read the entire post. I just wonder if all the quotes by the ensignificant Senator were translated by Ahora or if he actually offered them in Spanish. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee does what any sensible news organization should do. It publishes an editorial stating that "the burden is on an administration that has gone much too far in the name of national security to show that news organizations have done the same in the name of press freedom. That's not evident." They also think the condemning of the New York Times is just another campaign ploy. (Link)
  • The Bee seems to be on a roll. Another great editorial deals with "the gun lobby's lap dogs." (Link)
  • There is a letter to the editor in today's San Francisco Chronicle by Hugh Gurin of San Francisco critizing Senator Dianne Feinstein for her support of the amendment banning flag burning. Yeah, what was that about Dianne? Read the letter. It's short but good. (Link)


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