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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Democrats Work

Well, some bloggers may have gone on a little hiatus (like this one, I've recharged my batteries now) but eventually they all find their way back to their laptops. And we didn't even have to be named Time's Person of the Year for that.

One of these awesome bloggers is Sarah R Carter best remembered for the official Carter Blog on Jack Carter's campaign website and her posts on Daily Kos and MyDD. This weekend she came back from post election wilderness to report on Democrats Work at Daily Kos and MyDD:
But one thing that’s drawn me back in is an organization called Democrats Work. Democrats Work is a community service organization that helps people organize projects within their own neighborhoods. The idea is that people can get together and do good things for their communities as Democrats. Their slogan is "Putting our values into action."
Democrats Work was co-founded by Sarah's brother Jason Carter. It looks like a great organization. Check it out!

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