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Friday, July 06, 2007

Suddenly Doolittle Wants Troop Withdrawal in Iraq

Oh my, oh my, how times have changed. Suddenly, John Doolittle has changed his view on Iraq. How can that be? Does he want to change subjects? Nowadays, most Republicans don't care to talk much about Iraq. But for Doolittle, Iraq ain't the worst thing in his world, the FBI investigation is his real problem. So, yeah he might actually be a Republican who might want to talk about Iraq. Changing his tune, so that it is more alligned with that of the electorate might be part of that as well.

So, let's compare Doolittle today and Doolittle a little while ago (something which the Sacramento Bee in its article failed to do).

Here's what he's saying now:

But Thursday, Doolittle characterized the war as a "quagmire" and said America should soon step back to a training and advisory role for Iraqi forces.

"We've got to get off the front lines as soon as possible," Doolittle told a gathering at the Rocklin City Hall chambers. "And in my mind, that means something like the end of the year. We just can't continue to tolerate these kinds of losses."

Doolittle added in an interview: "I don't want to keep having our people dying on the front lines. I am increasingly convinced that we never are going to succeed in actually ending people dying (in Iraq). I think it's going to be a constant conflict ... and if that is going to happen ... it needs to be the Iraqis dying and not the Americans."

Here's what he said in October 2006, less than an a year ago:

Doolittle said he would vote for war in Iraq again "if the same facts were before me" because it has meant protection for the United States.

Doolittle rolled religious beliefs into Iraq, noting that the Bible tells him Armageddon will take place the Middle East.

"I don't know how long it's going to go," Doolittle said. "It's a kill or be killed world unfortunately. I don't know how to solve the problem but it's better to be on the offensive than sitting here and letting people be killed."

Hmm, seems like Armageddon has passed us by. Fascinating, how Doolittle's world turns, ain't it?

Thankfully, there's an alternative to Doolittle.

Visit Charlie Brown's website to learn more, and you can contribute to Charlie here.

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