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Friday, June 23, 2006

Senator Ensignificant

Jack Carter's Senate campaign could not have found a more appropriate slogan than the one you see above. Senator John Ensign has proven time and time again how ensignificant he really is. Not only that he's a White House rubber stamp, voting with the administration at least 96% of the time. No, he'll also show you how ensignificant his promises to the people of Nevada are.

Senator Ensign wanted to help with the public acquisition of Incline Lake by August 10 of this year. Well, turns out the deadline won't be kept. However, that's not a problem according to Ensign's Spinster in Chief, John Lopez. From the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza:

Officials from Ensign's office said the "important thing for (Incline residents) to remember" is that the Aug. 10 deadline was "never set in stone" and the deal is "still moving along."

"The first thing is an acquisition (of this size) can hang out for two or three years," said deputy chief of staff John Lopez. "(Ensign) wanted to challenge people involved - if we didn't hit the Aug. 10 deadline it's not (bad)."

Lopez mirrored comments earlier in the week from local agency officials that the appraisal process for the property is underway.

"The appraiser is a competent guy," Lopez said. "He's worked on (large-scale) acquisitions in the basin before ... we have all the information from the owners of (Incline Lake), but it is a process that doesn't happen overnight."


"Terra Firma is feeling very positive," Lopez said. "All of us want a very fair appraisal - we want a number that characterizes the (property). We want (taxpayers) to get their money's worth.

"Everything is on-track ... I can't think of anything that would suggest that (the deal) won't get completed by the end of the year."

End of the year, huh? Meaning after the election? And if that deadline isn't kept by the ensignificant Senator it doesn't matter much, does it? Because, either the Senator will make room in his office for the newly elected Senator Carter or, for the worst-case scenario, he'll be reelected by a slim margin and can just duke out another ensignificant deadline.

Okay, then. Ready to contribute or volunteer for Jack Carter now?


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