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Friday, June 23, 2006

Turn Tahoe Blue Fundraising Page

If you want to help Turn Tahoe Blue and contribute to campaigns that matter to the Lake Tahoe area then there is a relatively easy way to do so. I have created a Turn Tahoe Blue fundraising page at ActBlue.

As of now not all candidates, especially those running for state and local office, are on there. However, you can contribute to the campaigns of Jack Carter, Jill Derby, Dianne Feinstein and Charlie Brown. For some reason ActBlue is currently not processing contributions for state races but I hope that will change soon. So, if you would like to contribute to the non-federal campaigns you can click on the links on the righthand side of this blog. They will take you directly to the campaign sites.

Here's the link to my Turn Tahoe Blue page on ActBlue. Thank you for helping Turn Tahoe Blue!

[Update] I received an e-mail from Jeremy of ActBlue explaining to me why they are not yet able to process contributions to state candidates in California and Nevada. The reason for that is the wide array of campaign laws. So, they need to work through those first making sure that they stay within the law when passing on contributions to candidates. He said that should happen relatively soon.


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