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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday News Roundup

  • "Best bishop for the job" is the headline of an editorial in the Reno Gazette-Journal on the election of Nevada Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as the new head of the Episcopal Church. I can only agree. (Link)
  • Some good news courtesy of the Nevada Appeal. None of the six initiatives aimed at amending the Nevada Constitution might make it on the ballot due to lack of signatures. Among others, that would be a blow to two Republican candidates this year, Sharron Angle, running for Congress in CD-02 and Bob Beers, running for Governor. (Link)
  • Representative Doolittle is a strong advocate for cutting government spending. Well, not. His latest action in fighting earmarks? Supporting an earmark that would give El Dorado County $400,000. Not bad, dude! For what, you ask? "The Granddaddy of off-road vehicle trails in the world" as El Dorado County Supervisor Jack Sweeney put it. I kid you not. If the Senate were to agree to this the money would come from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Rubicon Trail must be in the middle of South Lake Tahoe and a necessity for housing the poor. Anyhow, why is it again the American government can't afford to give its troops the body armour they need, so that Cher has to jump in and contribute? If you haven't lost your mind completely by the exhaust fumes coming from the off-roader in front of you then dump Doolittle in November! The Sacramento Bee reports. (Link)
  • Two ridiculous Arnold stories today. One from the San Francisco Chronicle which quotes his campaign manager as saying that the Arnold believes Senator Dianne Feinstein to be a "great Senator", thereby undermining the Republican candidate, whatever his name is. (Link) The other coming from the LA Times stating that the Arnold likes gays, well Republican "Log Cabin" gays. That is as long as they don't want to get married or want anything else from him. I bet the Arnold will still accept their campaign contributions though. What is it that the Log Cabineers have achieved exactly? (Link)


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