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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big Weekend News Roundup

Apparently you only have to leave the country for a couple of days and when you come back everything will be fine. It's suddenly summer in Germany, after a very ugly spring, and hotter than in Italy. Also Blogger seems to be working again. So I can finally do a long overdue news roundup.

Italy was really nice. I was visiting friends in Vicenza and we made trips to Venice and Verona. Venice is simply stunning and especially beautiful once you leave the tourist paths. In the city of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet you can also find both Romeo's and Juliet's houses and the famous balcony. You can even step on it (which I didn't do) but it was funny to watch women stepping on that balcony and having a certain glow on their faces. You could just tell they were feeling like Juliet themselves.

But on to the news roundup. Because of the volume, today in a little different format.

The North Lake Tahoe Bonanza has published a pretty ridiculous piece by the Washoe County Republicans Vice Chair against Jack Carter in which he miserably fails to portray his friend John Ensign in a good way. Countering Jack's argument that Ensign voted with the administration 96% of the time he starts off by parading Ensign's vote against the Medicare Prescription drug program. Geez, must be desperate. If you feel so inclined, you can leave a comment on that page or write a letter to the editor. (Link)

Norma Santiago was reelected as El Dorado County Supervisor with 78% last week. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports on her plans for the next couple of months. (Link)

Jack Carter is using all means on the internet for his Senate campaign, including MySpace. He wants to reach out to young voters through his MySpace site. The Reno Gazette-Journal reports. (Link) - James Carville was in Reno on Thursday fundraising for Jill Derby. Anjeanette Damon has the details. (Link)

The Yearly Kos convention was held in Las Vegas last weekend (how about coming to Venice next year?). Looks like it was quite successful. Wish I could have been there. The Las Vegas Sun has more. (Link) - Another Carville report and his thoughts on Nevada. (Link) - The Sun also reports about the Elephant in the room when Repubilcan gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons met with a group of Hispanic voters. (Link) Another example of bloggers doing the job of reporters brought to you by a reporter of the Sun. (Link)

Carville is everywhere. The Las Vegas Review-Journal had this to say: "By the time Carville gets through touting their strengths, Derby and Hafen sound like formidable favorites instead of underdogs looking for upsets." (Link)

The Sacramento Bee had a couple of good stories. They did a profile on Angelides' campaign manager Cathy Calfo and her faith in grass-roots politics. (Link) - And Stuart Leavenworth advises Angelides to stick to his pet issue of smart growth if he wants to win against Arnold. (Link) - The Bee also carried an AP story on elderly gays and lesbians and the emergence of specialized housing. (Link)

The Sierra Sun reports on Charlie Brown's primary win in CA-04 and his chances against Doolittle in November. (Link)

I've run this site for only a couple of weeks. In this relatively short time I've stated several times my disdain for negative campaigning. According to the San Francisco Chronicle we will only see more of it during the campaign for California Governor this year. And I wholeheartedly agree with the Chronicle that it drives down turnout. (Link) - Kos is frontpaged - on the San Francisco Chronicle! (Link) - The Chronicle takes a closer look at the gay marriage amendment debate and the stance of both of California's Senators. (Link)

Finally, a little trivia. What do Phil Angelides and "The Godfather" have in common? A hint: Lake Tahoe. Go to the LA Times for the answer. (Link)


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