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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday News Roundup

  • Oh, oh. El Dorado County uses new Diebold machines in today's primaries and local elections. The Tahoe Daily Tribune for some odd reason only points out the positive stating that votes now can be sent electronically to Placerville. That would save the 90 minutes it takes to drive the ballots down to Placerville. I'd really rather wait the extra 90 minutes and be at least somewhat sure that no one screwed with the results. (Link)
  • The state of Nevada, including it's Republican politicians, seems to have a lot of faith in the Republican Congress and the Republican President. Why else would it be the first state to license Canadian pharmacies and thereby making it easier to order prescriptions from up north? The Las Vegas Sun. (Link)
  • The issue of smoking or not smoking in hotels, bars, etc. now goes before the voter in November, a judge decided. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the details. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee reports that due to term limits and redistricting the number of female Legislators could shrink after the election in November. Let's hope not. (Link)
  • The Sierra Sun offers an opinion piece on the Homewood deal. (Link)


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