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Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday News Roundup

  • There are other important news besides elections. Yeah, you heard right. Ten years ago I was an exchange student at George Whittell High School in Zephyr Cove. Today the Tahoe Daily Tribune reports that the closing of one of Douglas County's lakeside schools might come a year ahead of plans. Personnaly, I'm quite happy Whittel itself won't be closed because so many memories are attached to it. However, since enrollment has been dropping for years now, the Douglas County School District plans to close either Kingsbury Middle School or Zephyr Cove Elemantary School which is right next to the High School. (Link)
  • However, the Tribune also reports on tomorrow's primaries. Democrat and CD-04 candidate Charlie Brown visited Lake Tahoe on Sunday confident that he will win the primary and go on to defeat Doolittle in November. Let's keep our fingers crossed. (Link)
  • The Tribune also takes a closer look at Doolittle's primary challenger, Mike Holmes. Further down they also have some quotes by Doolittle on the Homewood deal: "The fact that they think they can ignore the elected representative and slip one through is outrageous." Subtext, how dare you not finance my campaign like you ought to. (Link)
  • The more I hear about the late Maya Miller the more I love her. You just have to love anyone who was on Nixon's "enemy list". The Reno Gazette-Journal' editorial. (Link)
  • "In seach of the Hispanic vote" titles the Las Vegas Sun. You can read what candidates have found here. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal's Political Notebook reports, among other things, about the "Gibbons Truth Squad" and "Porter the Puppet", both efforts to make it clear that Nevada's Republican Congressmen care more about Bush than the Silver State. (Link)
  • California's Senators are making it quite clear who they favor in the gubernatorial primary with Senator Feinstein calling Westly's ad linking Angelides to a Lake Tahoe development deal "dastardly". You go girl! Read the whole thing in the Sacramento Bee. (Link)
  • Right before an election you'll get the smartest headlines. The San Franciso Chronicle proves this point: "Governor candidates go after undecideds" Well, duh! (Link)
  • The LA Times sees a bigger dilemma for Democrats in California's ugly gubernatorial primary. (Link)


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