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Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday News Roundup

  • Oh, to be the Governor of Nevada and to decide what to do with a budget surplus... Jim Clark at the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza likes the Republican candidates ideas better, meaning a tax refund. He doesn't much care for investing it in the children of Nevada. Now, might the surplus be somewhat related to the fact that more people are moving to Nevada and therefore more money is coming in? And if more people are coming to Nevada, don't you need to invest more, let's say in schools, for example? Weird thing is the Democratic candidates actually understand this concept. Jim Clark doesn't. Makes you wonder. (Link)
  • Another day, another campaign finance story. This time the Tahoe Daily Tribune takes a look at why more than $200k are needed to elect a county District Attorney. (Link)
  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has an editorial about Senator Reid's decision to no longer accept free tickets. (Link)
  • A candidate for the Carson City school board believes schools should offer healthier foods. That's a no-brainer, really. When I was an exchange student at Whittell ten years ago I sometimes felt like I was attending a fast food restaurant instead. The Nevada Appeal takes a look at the candidates. (Link)
  • A true liberal has left us. Maya Miller died this Wednesday. She was 90 years old. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has an AP story that takes a look at her life. R.I.P. (Link)
  • With only a few days to go until the primary on Tuesday the contest between Angelides and Westly is still a dead heat with a record number of undecideds. Wonder why that is. Might it have to do with negative campaigning? (Link)
  • This one made me laugh. The winning word in the spelling bee contest was "ursprache". Hey, I could've spelled that in grade school. Not because I'm all that smart, just because it's a German word. The runner up stumbled upon another German word "weltschmerz". Hmm, is this the foreign language edition of the spelling bee? The San Francisco Chronicle has more. (Link)


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