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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday News Roundup

  • Lovely opinion piece in the Las Vegas Sun about Zinnmeister the spinmeister, Bush's new domestic policy advisor. Apparently he didn't like a quote he made: "People in Washington are morally repugnant, cheating, shifty human beings." Wonder why he didn't like that. Was he talking about himself as the Sun concludes? (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal acts as if there aren't elections anymore in Nevada. At least not for Governor. According to Jane Ann Morrison Jim Gibbons will replace Guinn. Maybe she needs to do this because otherwise she wouldn't be able to write another Guinn disses Gibbons column and she just isn't equipped with the wits on how to write a decent story about Guinn planning to appoint two Gaming Control Board members a couple of hours before he leaves office without the Guinn/Gibbons angle. (Link)
  • "Voters beware", advises the Sacramento Bee, basically telling voters to ignore TV and all mail before voting on election day. I'm sad to say that I agree with the level of negativity most primaries are fought this year in California. (Link)
  • Democrat Lisa Rea campaigned in Oroville on Friday ahead of Tuesday's primary vying for the chance to challenge Doolittle in November. The Oroville Mercury Register has more. (Link)
  • The LA Times carries an op-ed by former Howard Dean campaign chairman Rick Jacobs calling for an end of party endorsements of candidates ahead of primaries. Couldn't agree more. (Link)


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