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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jack Carter: "This Is Too Much"

US Senate candidate Jack Carter was in the Lake Tahoe area the last couple of days and today the Tahoe Daily Tribune published excerpts from an interview with Jack and his wife Elizabeth in a profile of his campaign. In it he offers a compelling reason for running:

Carter said he decided to run for the senate seat after being disgusted with the administration's response to survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

"I turned to Elizabeth and said, 'This is too much,'", he said.

Jack believes his background in business will prove to be positive in the campaign adding that he's concerned about the huge budget deficit: "Fiscal conservancy has gone out the window".

During the profile it becomes apparent that Jack Carter is a decent and honest man. The Tribune seemed almost surprised that "His lone attack on Ensign paralleled his argument against the administration. Carter said Ensign voted with the administration "96 percent" of the time. "

The Tribune also mentions the campaign's rural strategy, if not by name:

Carter believes he can take the "barely red" Nevada from Ensign by campaigning in the state's outskirts. During the first portion of a Monday interview he noted Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., almost won Nevada during the 2004 presidential election, although rural sections voted heavily for George W. Bush.

Jack Carter's strong suit in my opinion is his family. They're fully behind him, foremost his parents, former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. Also his daughter Sarah who's blogging about the campaign both on the campaign website and on Daily Kos and MyDD and his wife Elizabeth who's touring with Jack across Nevada and unlike many candidates' spouses doesn't hide her own opinion.

The Tribune finishes its profile with what seems to become Jack Carter's signature line answering questions about the advantage of his last name:

"It's the kind of name that makes people want to hear what I have to say," he said.

Jack Carter is one of the best candidates we have this election year. Go to his campaign site and help out in whichever way you can.


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