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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Run, Barack, Run!

In November 2004 the New Yorker published the last series of photographs by the late Richard Avedon. Out of this series two portraits stand out. One is of former President Jimmy Carter, the other of the then Senate candidate Barack Obama. I was so impressed by the similarities in these pictures that I framed them and hung them on the wall in my hallway:

I remember watching Barack Obama addressing the Democratic Convention in 2004 and the only thing I could think was: We're watching the future President of the United States. Maybe not the next. However, I was sure that he'll be running and winning sooner or later.

In recent weeks there have been rumours that it actually might be sooner than I thought it possible. The Washington Post is the latest news outlet reporting that Barack Obama might run for President in 2008. And while Senator Obama is still demissing the rumours, actions speak louder than words. He has hired two political consults with national experience and is quoted saying the following:
"We've visited 25 states since taking office," he said. "And in each of those states, we might have 2,000 people show up at a rally. And we'd get back to D.C. and we'd realizewe didn't have e-mail addresses for any of those people. That might be a useful thing to have when, you know, I'm running for something and might be looking to raise some money."
What holds you back, Senator? All I have to say is: Run, Barack Obama, run!


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