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Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday News Roundup

  • Congratulations to the George Whittell High School class of 2006! The Tahoe Daily Tribune has the report on the graduation ceremony of the School I attended ten years ago. (Link)
  • The Las Vegas Sun reports on how the stance of Nevada's members of Congress on the war in Iraq has changed. Or not. Senator Ensign still stands by his decision to support the war and actually believes it will be a "succes". However, he can't quite say what success entails and when it will be achieved. Hmm. His Republican friend Congressman Jim Gibbons is a little more specific. He believes the war in Iraq will turn into "a 30-year war on terror" and compared it to the wars in Korea, Germany and Kosovo where America soldiers were and are still stationed once the war was over. Maybe the Congressman might want to pollish his history a little. Once the war was over American soldiers were not attacked and killed on daily basis in Korea, Germany and Kosovo. And please don't tell me the war in Iraq isn't over. The President said so. Remember the "Mission Accomplished" banner on that aircraft carrier? Well, the people do. (Link)
  • Mike Smith has another great cartoon in today's Sun. Ever heard of Wiretapping Central Command? (Link)
  • The Episcopal Church elects the Bishop of Nevada, Katharine Jefferts Schori, as its first female head. Congratulations to Bishop Jefferts Schori! (Link)
  • The father of Nevada Democratic Attorney General candidate Catherine Cortez Masto, Manny Cortez died on Sunday. My condolences. (Link)
  • Republican Congressmen Jim Gibbons and Jon Porter do what they know best: the politics of inclusion. This time Democratic Congresswoman Shelley Berkley is the 'victim'. The Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee reports on the prospects of African American candidates running for the California Legislature. (Link)
  • Republican Congressman John Doolittle is pretty good at one thing. Angering people. The Sierra Sun has published three letters by residents who are angered about his piece on permanently repealing the estate tax in the Sun last week. Somehow there don't seem to be too many letters in support of Doolittle. Or better said: None. "Hypocricy of fiscal policies" by Mary Hart Thompson (Link), "The high cost of repealing the death tax" by David Fenimore of Tahoe Vista (Link) and GOP enabling their corporate keepers" by Louis Richnak of Olympic Valley (Link).
  • "Internet rewrites political playbook" reports the San Francisco Chronicle on its frontpage (Link)


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