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Friday, June 30, 2006

Letter Of The Day: "Politicians Have Made A Mess, And It's Time To Clean House"

Another day, another great letter to the editor. This time it's a letter by Vicki Bates of Gardnerville in the Nevada Appeal:

The problem with our government is that its priorities are upside down.

This tragic war drags on at great human and financial cost, energy and health- care costs soar (as companies that provide them make record profits), the deficit grows, environmental responsibilities are ignored, our reputation in the world declines, and our civil rights are being eroded by the executive branch. So what is Congress doing? Arguing about same-sex marriage and flag desecration.

Time to clean House (and Senate), folks. Fortunately, we have excellent candidates in Jack Carter and Jill Derby, who are running for office because they are as fed up with these skewed priorities as the rest of us. We need leaders like them who will make the people of Nevada their priority, not the ambitions of their political party.

Government isn't our enemy. Government is what provides us, as a community, with basic services and protections. Misuse of government is the problem. Radical Republicans have had six years to run the country the way they wanted, with Gibbons and Ensign supporting them every step of the way. And rather than proving that their way is best for America, they've made a complete mess of it.

Candidate for governor Dina Titus says it best: Government's job is to "educate the children, lock up the bad guys, provide for the common good, and then get out of the way and let people run their own lives."

We have a chance to make a significant change for the better with these candidates. Use your vote to do it!

You go, girl! Contribute to Jack Carter, Jill Derby and Dina Titus here.


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