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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Letter Of The Day: "We Deserve A Raise, Too"

As you might have noticed I have become an avid fan of letters to the editor. So, I figured I might just make an endless series out of it. Today's letter is by A. Pierce of Shingle Springs and was published in the Sacramento Bee:

Re "State leader pay to rise 18%," June 24: I too, am a state leader: I manage nearly 100 people. I have a budget (that I stay within) and I even set some policy. It has also been six years since I had a raise!

Eighteen percent sounds just fine to me: When do I get it? All I and my co-managers have been seeing from the state is takeaways (prescriptions that once cost $5 now cost $75) and threats of more takeaways.

Of course, we do get mentioned in the public statements of our "boss." I guess that is something.

Now, I understand there are times where everyone in an organization doesn't see eye to eye, but does your boss go to the newspaper or buy advertisements on the television to tell everyone that you and your co-workers are evil people and a threat to the state just because he doesn't want to live up to agreements that his predecessors made?

I guess we state workers do get special treatment. Personally, I would prefer the 18 percent.

Help Mr. Pierce get rid of his boss and contribute to Phil Angelides for Governor.


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