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Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday News Roundup

  • There is no global warming, you say? Well, take a closer look at the warming of Lake Tahoe despite all conservationist efforts and you might be pursuaded otherwise. Global warming's coming home. The North Lake Tahoe Bonanza reports. (Link)
  • John Singlaub, the executive director of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, writes in the Tahoe Daily Tribune that "protecting Lake Tahoe takes all of us". Hear, hear! (Link)
  • Anjeanette Damon of the Reno Gazette-Journal reports on a gubernatorial debate that wasn't even attended by three of the five candidates of the two major parties. (Link)
  • The Reno Gazette-Journal also reports that only 70% of high school students graduate nationwide. That's a shame. In Nevada, the graduation rate is 55.9%. That's a disgrace. And it happened under the watch of a Republican Governor and a Republican Legislature. Had enough? Vote Democratic! (Link) The importance of education is proven by the ad by Dawn Gibbons on that site. Doesn't look like her graphic designer has a degree either.
  • "Cut and Run!" I come to really be a fan of Mike Smith's cartoons. Take a look. (Link) Maybe you might want to support Charlie Brown for Congress. Not only did he serve himself. His son is currently serving this third rotation in Iraq.
  • Truthiness at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. John L. Smith is cherry picking some poll numbers so that his story that Gibson is better than Titus works. He quotes an internal poll by the Gibson campaign that has him leading Titus by 38.1% to 28%. Now, I must say to the mayor of Henderson when you commission an internal poll you have to make sure that the results look a little better than this. Especially considering that in your poll 33.9% are undecided. So, the I-could-care-less camp is within the margin of error of winning over you, huh? Dude, that's bad. Then Smith points out the new Zogby poll which has Congressman Gibbons leading among Republicans. What Mr. Smith tries to ignore to make his column at least half way credible is the fact that Gibson's numbers are slipping while Titus' are not. The June numbers from Zogby: Gibbons 44.6%, Titus 36.7%. Gibbons 42.4%, Gibson 33.8%. May numbers: Gibbons 46%, Titus 36%. Gibbons 44%, Gibson 39%. Hmm, seems to me like Gibson's numbers are really slipping against likely Republican nominee Gibbons while the margin between Titus and Gibbons is getting slimmer. Forgotten how to read numbers, Mr. Smith? Maybe you're a victim of Nevada's education system in Republican hands. (Link)
  • What happens when the system investigates itself? You guessed it. Everyone is cleared of any wrongdoing. So, it wasn't a big surprise when the wife of Congressman Doolittle was proclaimed innocent by a Senate Indian Affairs Committee report. The fact remains that she took $66,000 from an Indian tribe via Jack Abramoff. The Sacramento Bee. (Link)


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