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Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday News Roundup

  • A 835% increase in 40 years. In pollution. In Nevada. The Reno Gazette-Journal's editorial board calls for turning attention and resources to fighting pollution. (Link)
  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has published three letters on Senator Harry Reid today and yesterday. Two positive, one negative. The first two are by Vanessa Belz and Gary Ghiggeri, Jr., the third is by Van Ball, all are from Reno. (Link), (Link) and (Link)
  • Oh, the Las Vegas Review-Journal just cannot get enough of Democratic gubernatorial canididate Jim Gibson. Today they're reporting on his "ad blitz" and wonder if and when his competitors will start placing TV ads. One already has. (Link)
  • Now, what did I say about negative campaigning a couple of weeks ago, especially in a primary? Not such a good idea, is it? Turns out Republicans are now using Steve Westly's attacks against Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Angelides reports the Sacramento Bee. Thank you, Steve! (Link)
  • More letters to the editor in the Sacramento Bee. Especially noteworthy is the letter by Jerry Ann Campbell of Shingle Springs. She reports on her experience of being deleted from the voting rolls. Ever heard of "caging"? That was the method they used to delete her. You better read this letter and make sure this doesn't happen to you! (Link)


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