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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday News Roundup

  • The people of Fernley are really very nice folks. No doubt about it. They practically get insulted by Congresswoman wannabe Dawn Gibbons and unanimously give her the benefit of the doubt. Didn't stop Gibbons from apologizing, though. The Reno Gazette-Journal has all the quotes. (Link)
  • I have become an avid reader of letters to the editor. The polls on Iraq must be right because a majority of those writing letters also oppose the war in Iraq and are in favour of withdrawal. There is a lot of criticism of the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress but Democrats also get their share for not being united in getting the troops home. Says one reader: "No wonder Democrats are reluctant to go to the voting booth. Many have lost confidence that the party represents their concerns in a strong unified voice." Noteworthy letters are by Patricia Garlinghouse of Rancho Murieta, Arnold Stone of Roseville, Philip S. Kearney of Sacramento, David Krebs of Sacramento, Sherman Stein of Davis, and finally Gabe Aeschliman of Rio Linda opines on how the world views the U.S. and writes "We will continue to be judged, so we must be our own harshest critic to validate our international integrity." (Link)
  • Both the Sacramento Bee and the LA Times have a story on the 18% pay increase for top state officials. I would just like to remind elected officials complaining about their current salary (and that absolutely includes Democrats) that the current minimum wage in California is $6.75. Maybe that's what some of them should be paid for a month so that they know how fortunate they really are. And one word for the Attorney General. Complaining that you're underpaid (at $148,750 a year) because a district attorney makes more than you ain't such a good idea. Maybe the district attorney's pay should just be cut in half instead. (Link) and (Link)
  • Now, my apologies to anyone who's offended by the dumbest Op-Ed of the year, courtesy of "German born" John Ziegler. He honestly complains that the World Cup games by Mexico draw more television viewers in the LA area than the U.S. games. In his deranged opinion this justifies some Mexican bashing saying that "Latinos' loyalty to Mexico's World Cup team and Spanish-language broadcasts shows many immigrants aren't yet Americans". Mr. Ziegler says that "if Mexico were much better than the USA, the assimilation apologists could argue that L.A.-area soccer fans were just more interested in watching a superior product". He argues that it ain't so and leaves out the fact that while Mexico made it to the next round the U.S. came in last in their group managing a draw against Italy and losing against the Czech Republic and Ghana. It just amazes me that time and time again people like Mr. Ziegler (yesterday it was Mr. Smith) make arguments that just do not hold up to closer inspection. Now, let me tell you what's going on in Germany. What Mexican immigrants are for the U.S., Turkish immigrants are for Germany. Here, no one rejects their right to root for the team where they or their parents were born. And why should anyone do so? This year, Turkey did not qualify for the World Cup and what happened? Many Turkish immigrants are rooting for the German team, even waving the German flag in celebration after a game was won. Most Germans were surprised by this. Positively. I have just one final question for Mr. Ziegler who seems so proud of his German heritage: how many kids in Germany are named John? (Link)


Blogger DesertBeacon said...

I suppose I'd fit into Mr. Z's unassimilated list, if by that he means people who would rather watch a Mexican soccer team with an offense, than spend time viewing the US team which, if the commentator had it right, managed only four shots on goal in 270 minutes of playing time. His unabashed nativism must have been thoroughly irritated by the broadcasters who continually advised that the U.S. manage to groom players who have the skills necessary to get more experience in the European leagues. If Mr. Z's definition of patriotism requires embracing mediocrity, then lots of us aren't very assimilated no matter how long the ancestors have been in this country.

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