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Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday News Roundup

  • The Reno Gazette-Journal has an AP story that focuses on Senator Reid's role in getting the caucuses to Nevada. (Link)
  • Kirk Caraway of the Nevada Appeal writes about Bush's veto on a stem-cell research bill and, as so many others in these days, injects his personal story. It'a very interesting and thought provoking editorial. One paragraph: "In wartime, we accept that innocent people will die in order to benefit the greater good. Bush and his base have no problem with that logic. Can’t we use the same logic here, that unwanted, frozen embryos can be used to help cure these terrible diseases, for the benefit of millions?" (Link)
  • Another Gibson-Titus-Las Vegas Review Journal day. This time Molly Ball takes a look at the truthiness of their ads (and manages not to use that word at all, maybe they haven't heard it in the LVRJ newsroom, yet). (Link)
  • In her "political notebook" Molly Ball notes that Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beers and Democrats have something in common. They both dislike Jim Gibbons. And Democrats urge Beers to air his sock-puppet ad about Gibbons. A common enemy makes the best of friends. However, that could soon end. Molly also reports on some polling and it's interesting to note that in one poll the GOP race was actually closer than the Dem race, if even by a point. (Link)
  • Dan Walters writes in the Sacramento Bee about the workers' compensation issue and the role it plays in the gubernatorial campaign. (Link)
  • Kevin Yamamura of the Bee thinks that the Arnold didn't get the point of Al Gore's inconvenient truth. Someone should tell him that it wasn't a fiction movie. (Link)
  • The Bee also has an editorial about a "third wave" on embryonic stem-cell research and finds that both gubernatorial candidates are not catching on. (Link)
  • The Sierra Sun reports that congressional candidate Charlie Brown will open a second office. This one in Grass Valley, Nevada County. (Link)


Blogger frankg said...

I will welcome any of General Wesley Clark's visits to Washoe County.

He's an electable candidate with an open mind and a practical outlook. He could be the "Ike" for the Democratic Party.

9:01 PM


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