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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Pride Of The Nevada Republican Party

So, the Nevada Republican Party is finally getting some attention. Nationwide.

Currently, the most popular video on CNN.com is "Porn Star runs for Governor". Okay, for all you people out of the loop: the most intriguing Republican candidate for Governor of Nevada this year is no other than Mimi Miyago aka Melody Damayo. Though the title "Porn Star" maybe just a tidbit misleading. She claims she hasn't worked in three years. She's "just an average single mother."

The video is quite fun (and it comes courtesy of Las Vegas' KVBC). She actually believes you can win an election as a Republican if you run on education issues. Wonder what her stance on sex education in school is and whether or not condom use should be encouraged. She might have some fun with her Republican friends on this issue.

The best thing is the end when she raises her fist and exclaimed "victory for the Republican Party". Kinda reminded me of Castro. So, well, communist...

She really is the pride of the Nevada Republican Party.

For more read Tuesday's post on The Nevada GOP And The Adult Industry.


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