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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday News Roundup

The test is behind me. I'm all yours now ;)

  • It may come as a price to the new State Controller to go into the November election with the incumbency advantage. Turns out there is a law which would prohibit Mr. Martin from running again in 2010 if he won this time around. But, who care about laws? Right? Not Nevada's Secretary of State and Congressman wannabe Dean Heller apparently. The Reno Gazette-Journal has this gem: "'I believe this issue will end up on the desk of the next attorney general,' Heller said. ''And it will depend on if the attorney general is a Democrat or a Republican. If (Democrat) Catherine Cortez Masto wins, Martin has less of a chance than if (Republican) Don Chairez wins. Depending on who gets elected, the sentiments will differ.'" So, let me see if I get this straight: if the Democrat wins the law will be adhered to, if the Republican wins, ehh, not so much. Lovely. (Link)
  • The AP reports on suspicions about Kathy Augustine's death. The Nevada Appeal carries the story. (Link)
  • Kirk Caraway of the Nevada Appeal is sick of the gubernatorial elections. And who can blame him. The Titus-Gibson lovefest on the one side and on the other side an apparent shoe-in that leaves one newspaper editor after another dumbfounded. Goverwannabe Jim Gibbons believes that the Casino industry doesn't hire illegal immigrants and he would close them down if they would. This leaves Mr. Caraway with only one thought: "I wonder how the casinos that are funding Gibbons' campaign will deal with all those unmade beds and dirty dishes if he wins. Certainly Gibbons isn't proposing to go after the hand that feeds him, but it sure sounded that way." Enjoy! (Link)
  • You heard about the Net Neutrality issue? Turns out the bright mind behind the telecom companies favoured anti-Net-Neutrality bill is none other than our very own Senator Ensignificant. Yet another reason to vote for Jack Carter! The Las Vegas Sun reports. (Link)
  • Another "what if" piece on Kathy Augustine's death in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)
  • John L. Smith of the Las Vegas Review-Journal proves that he has no clue whatsoever about politics. Just seems like the LVRJ will do anything to talk up Gibson. They must be really desperate, cause who are they gonna support come November if it's Titus against Gibbons? Stick to horse-racing, John! (Link)
  • Are Republicans gonna shoot themselves in the foot again? This time by delaying the renewal of the Voting Rights Act in the Senate? As long as Bill Frist is still the majority leader we can be certain of that. The Review-Journal reports on the issue and Reid's speech at the NAACP convention. (Link)
  • The morals of Jim Gibbons (LOL) and the wedding of Tessa Hafen (Congrats!) and much more in the Review-Journal's political notebook. (Link)
  • Some headlines are really misleading. Like this one in the Sierra Sun: "Doolittle leads rivals in latest reports." First of all, what rivals? The report only talks about one, his opponent Charlie Brown. Or is his wife a rival as well? After all Doolittle raised $216k during the last period while his wife only got $7,000 in commissions from him. And while Charlie Brown raised about half of Doolittle's amount in the last quarter you gotta wonder how Doolittle leads Brown since the incumbent has only $261 cash-on-hand while Charlie Brown has a whopping $740 cash-on-hand. (Link)
  • Finally, three great letters to the editor in the Sacramento Bee on the Doolittles by Dink Lane of Garden Valley, Joni Remer of El Dorado Hills, and Trish Grenfell of Auburn. (Link)


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