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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday News Roundup

  • The Arnold's men were really overdoing it. They even monitored rallies outside the state. The Reno Gazette-Journal's editorial board deems this "inappropriate" and uncovers the false logic behind the monitoring. (Link)
  • There are four good letters in the Gazette-Journal by Karen A. Hudson and Halley Kempt of Reno, Jerry Sullivan of Fallon and Carole Campedel of Sparks. All are dealing with dissent and the culture of fear in one way or another. Go, read'em all! (Link), (Link), (Link) and (Link)
  • Nevada's State Controller Kathy Augustine has suffered a heart attack and is now in a coma. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family and I hope for a speedy recovery. The Las Vegas Sun carries the AP report on this. (Link) The Las Vegas Review-Journal has filed its own report today. (Link)
  • The TASC petition remains in limbo. Secretary of State Dean Heller has referred it to the Attorney General's office. Lovely, how a Republican initiative is being pushed around by Nevada's Republican officials. The Review-Journal has more. (Link)
  • Another day, another Review-Journal edition, another story on Gibson and Titus. Another yawn from me. (Link)
  • Apparently, the Review-Journal's editors and columnists don't talk to one another, let alone read the other's editorials. In a piece on Beers and his TASC initiative John L. Smith comes to the following conclusion: "Does all this mean Beers would make the best Republican candidate for governor? No. Hunt is a better campaigner. Gibbons is more polished." It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. (Link)
  • It's always fun to see Republicans turn on their highest esteemed commander-in-chief. Former Republican Congressman J.C. Watts finally comes to the conclusion that all men are created equal. Well, duh. It's a weird piece. But, read it anyway. The Review-Journal. (Link)
  • Since when is "tradition" a legal category? This is actually the State of California's argument against same-sex marriage. What a joke. The Sacramento Bee reports. (Link)
  • Every time the issue of same-sex marriage is compared with the issue of interracial marriage we're a step closer to equality. Today, the Bee's Dan Walters takes this route. Good on him. (Link)


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