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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday News Roundup

  • Kirk Caraway of the Nevada Appeal proposes letting the Iraqi people vote on whether American troops should stay or leave. This may just be an idea Democrats should pick up, only if to see how the Administration which has been touting democratic successes in Iraq weasels itself out of that one. (Link)
  • What's in the water in Las Vegas lately? Yesterday, J.Patrick Coolican of the Las Vegas Sun slammed Sharron Angle, today the conservative Las Vegas Review-Journal is taking aim at Republican Goverwannabe Jim Gibbons in not one but two editorials. While they're both fun to read, Erin Neff deserves some credit for hers. When an editorial starts with "it's a good thing for Jim Gibbons that he's been AWOL for a year" you just know you're in for a ride. Before Erin even starts with examples she has this to say: "Although I lasted just 70 minutes of the session, almost every other sentence out of the congressman's mouth left me jotting down inaccuracies in my notebook. Gibbons, who has spent five terms in the House, was dead wrong on several facts when discussing state issues; misspoke several times and also didn't seem to have a decent handle on federal issues." Too bad I'm outta popcorn. Hope you still have some. Enjoy! (Link) and (Link) BTW, somehow I can't help but feel that if Gibbons wins the Republican nomination and Gibson the Democratic nomination that the Review-Journal might just endorse the latter. It will be really fun though if it'll be Gibbons vs Titus...
  • B.J. Dunham of Sacramento asks a question in his letter to the editor of the Sacramento Bee that's been on a lot of people's minds: "Why, when so many voter irregularities have been reported, is there so little coverage of such assaults on the essential tenet of democracy?" (Link)


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