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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday News Roundup

  • Sincerity? That's what it's all about? That someone seems sincere? Shouldn't a candidate for governor be capable and competent? Has no one learned from the 2000 presidential "election"? I mean, come on! You've gotta be f***ing kidding me! Understand my rage, read this story on the Nevada gubernatorial race in the Las Vegas Sun. (Link)
  • "The threat to democracy is very real" writes Peter Schrag in his column in the Sacramento Bee about the questions looming over the Diebold voting machines. This and other developments lead to a result where 17 states "are at 'high risk' for compromised election results." Read the whole thing and then take another look at yesterday's letter of the day calling for a Voting Rights Amendment. (Link)
  • Leslye Janusz of Auburn writes a letter to the editor of the Auburn Journal calling on those Republicans who voted against Congressman John Doolittle in the Republican primary to vote for Democrat Charlie Brown in November. (Link)
  • I wonder if journalists have the "Democrat leans on labor support/Republican turn to business-leaders" reports pre-prepared and then just insert names once they decide to publish them. This time the San Francisco Chronicle inserted Angelides and the Arnold. (Link)
  • A whole lot of letters on the Chronicle's July 4th editorial. (Link)
  • Another article, this time in the LA Times, on the powers of Schumer/Emanuel. Is that thing recycled. It felt like I read it before. Yawn. (Link)


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