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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Another Reason To Support Rob Haswell For Assembly

Why support Rob Haswell for Assembly you ask? Well, how about that he'd be taking care of the people of California instead of just himself. I've mentioned before that California's top elected officials will receive a pay increase. Some choose not to accept, Democrats and Republicans alike, others rather take it all. The Haswell campaign has this to say:

Democratic Assembly candidate Rob Haswell today called on Assemblyman Tim Leslie (R Tahoe City) to turn down the legislative pay increase ordered by the California Citizens Compensation Commission last Friday. Lawmakers will receive a $2,217 pay increase after receiving a $11,880 pay hike last year, which Leslie accepted – while voting against an increase in the state’s minimum wage. California's state assembly members currently make $110,880 a year, making them among the highest paid legislators in the country.


Californians Leslie accepted a pay increase last year and also voted against raising the minimum wage. Californians that earn minimum wage have not seen an adjustment to their wages since 2002, when the minimum wage was increased from $6.25 to $6.75. Haswell states that, if elected, he plans to give the 2005 pay increase portion of his salary to charitable organizations. Sixteen state assembly members refused to take last year’s 12 percent pay raise, including two Sacramento area Republicans, Roger Niello (R Fair Oaks) and Alan Nakanishi (R Lodi).

"This continues a pattern of 'politics of self interest' that has dominated this region. Leslie is fine taking a 12 percent raise for himself when he's already making a hundred thousand dollars, but he turns a blind eye to the fact that the majority of our state's minimum wage earners are primary bread winners for their families," Haswell said, noting that the combined two assembly pay raises over the last two years surpasses a year's salary at the current minimum wage level. Haswell's Republican opponent for the 4th Assembly District seat this November, Ted Gaines, has also expressed opposition to raising the minimum wage.

All I have to add is what I've said before: I'd like to see some of these people live on minimum wage for at least a month. It's a good thing Leslie's termed out. This represents a real opportunity to win this traditionally conservative district. The annointed successor, Ted Gaines, isn't any better:

As you know, Assemblyman Tim Leslie is leaving office in 2006 due to term limits. Tim has been an outstanding representative and we will all miss his leadership in the Legislature. I am honored to announce that Assemblyman Leslie has endorsed me as his choice to fill his seat, as has former Assembly Republican Leader Dave Cox.

Gaine's also been endorsed by corrupt Congressman John Doolittle and proudly poses with him in this picture on his homepage:


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