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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday News Roundup

  • Eminent domain, the new big thing in the Nevada Legislature. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. (Link)
  • The Review-Journal also has an editorial on how Governor Guinn managed to avoid another special session of the State Legislature. The next scheduled session is in February of next year. Now, here is my question. Why have a State Legislature at all if it actualy comes together so rarely? (Link)
  • So, they managed to pass a budget in California and the Arnold actually signs it. And they're actually applauding themselves for it? Isn't that their f***ing job? The Sacramento Bee. (Link)
  • The Arnold has to pay a $200k penalty for failure of proper disclosure of expenditures in last year's special election. The Fair Political Practices Commission acted on a complaint by the Alliance for a Better California. The Bee reports. (Link)
  • Elections do matter. Case in point: The Supreme Court. A great editorial by the Bee. (Link)
  • The Arnold spies on his citizens. Attorney General Bill Lockyer says that it violates civil rights. The LA Times reports. (Link)
  • "When do we publish a secret?" the editor of the LA Times and the executive editor of the New York Times ask themselves, answering that they will not "surrender" their responsibility to the government. Good on them. (Link)


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