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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Ridiculousness That Is Sharron Angle

I just read an article in the Las Vegas Sun about an interview with Nevada's CD-02 candidate Sharron Angle and I'm only left with one question to ponder:

Is there anyone in Nevada who has more contempt for Ms. Club of Growth than Las Vegas Sun reporter J. Patrick Coolican?

First things first: this is probably one of the best pieces I have seen by a newspaper journalist this year. He practically tears Sharron Angle apart. From the getgo:

The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness even though Assemblywoman Sharron Angle says it does.

The language is found in the Declaration of Independence.

And Vietnam is not the only war theater from which the United States has withdrawn, as Angle also said in a Sun interview.

U.S. forces pulled out of Lebanon and Somalia since the end of the Vietnam War.

In the pantheon of untruths, those are relatively minor. Yet they reflect Angle's habit of assert, assert, assert.

Oh, baby, get me the popcorn!

In a 90-minute interview last week, Angle made many sweeping pronouncements - on the war in Iraq, stem-cell research, immigration and the growth of government.

On these issues, she made claims that experts across the political spectrum - right, left, center - dispute, often with blunt language.

Coolican does everything he can to honor his name. He even got a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution to say that one of Angle's assertions on Iraq was "idiotic".

But it gets better:

Angle said Iraqi women have newfound freedoms since the American invasion.

Michael O'Hanlon, a fellow at the Brookings Institution who compiles "The State of Iraq," said Angle might be confusing Iraq and Afghanistan.


Angle said that in Iraq, "We're seeing the rise of a democratic middle class."

In fact, recent reports indicate that doctors, lawyers, professors and a sizable number of middle-class Iraqis are fleeing the country.

Now, if you think Mr. Cool-He-Can is done, oh, would you be wrong:

She has an optimistic view of the American presence in Iraq. "People want to be free, and to present us as occupiers is truly a slap in the face of what America is all about. We've always said, 'Give us your tired, you poor,' " she said.

On illegal immigration, she advocates a policy of "deportation through attrition." Illegal immigrants will leave if their children born in the U.S., who she calls "anchor babies," are no longer automatically given citizenship.

Angle also favors a crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Also, she says, those employers could be starved of their workforce by deporting any illegal immigrants who run afoul of the law.

"These guys all get deported, because, you know, they went out on the town and all got picked up for felony DUI, you say, yeah," Angle said, laughing. "That's it. We're not going to house you in our prison system, and you know, you're done. You're out of the country. He doesn't have a workforce for that next day."

I would really just liked to republish the entire article, it's that good. So, if you don't wanna miss out on the rest click here and read it all! While you're at it send Mr. Coolican a mail and tell him what you think of his article.

Now, to the not so funny part. Sharron Angle could actually win. She's got the support of the Club of Growth and they've already run attack ads on her two Republican counterparts calling them "Liberals." I kid you not. Watch the ads here.

This year round the Democrats have a terrific candidate in Jill Derby with national support. Click on her site for more info or contribute to her campaign. Stop Sharron "Club of Growth" Angle and help us Turn Tahoe Blue!


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