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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Three Day News Roundup

I had a seminar on language and violent crime for the last three days and little time and very little energy to post. So, you'll now get a little review of what's been in the papers in the last couple of days.

  • The Record Courier reports that absentee ballots for the August 15th primary are now available in Douglas County (and I'd imagine in other counties as well, but then you never know). (Link)
  • There'll likely be a court battle about the TASC ballot initiative by Republican Goverwannabe Bob Beers. The Las Vegas Sun has more. (Link)
  • Oh, the Las Vegas Review-Journal just loves negative campaigning. They can't get enough of it. Read the latest on the Titus-Gibson smear-fest if you're so inclined. (Link)
  • Looks like the prison situation in California might be a big issue in the gubernatorial campaign. The Sacramento Bee reports on the Angelides views. (Link)
  • Richard F. Norberg of North Highlands, a World War II Navy Destroyer Veteran calls on Republicans and Democrats to get the troops out of Iraq. You can read his letter in the Bee. (Link)
  • The Bee also published the columns by two of my favourite columnists, Helen Thomas and Molly Ivins. The former wrote about Bush's overreach, the latter about the prospect of more immigrant bashing. (Link) and (Link)


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