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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Letter Of The Day - "Enough With The Negative Campaign Ads"

Just in case you haven't gotten it yet: I'm sick of negative campaigning. Apperently, I'm not alone. The following letter is by Sandra Hawk of Minden and was published in the Nevada Appeal:

Once again, we voters are having to suffer through election year campaigning. We're bombarded with negative TV ads telling us how bad "the other guy" is. (Thank goodness for the mute button.) Nobody likes these kinds of ads, so I say to the people running them, save your money because we just don't pay attention to them anymore.

Do yourselves a favor, and tell us what issues your candidate wants to address if elected and how he or she will accomplish those goals. What they've done in the past is all well and good, but I'm more interested in the future. My guess is that voter turnout would be higher if voters could go to the polls feeling that they have made an informed decision to vote for the candidate who would do the best job.

Voting is our right and our duty, and most of us take it very seriously. So, to the candidates who want to be elected, give us a reason to vote FOR you.


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