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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jack's Ads Are Out

Jack Carter's first TV ads are out and it's been interesting to read the reaction in the Nevada blogosphere.

The Las Vegas Gleaner:

It looks like Team Carter is a true believer in the less-is-more theory of candidate marketing.

Reno and Its Discontents:

Here are the Jack Carter ads everyone’s been talking about. They share the same aesthetic stamp as the latest apple ads starring that lovable geeky guy from Dodgeball. Pretty cool.

Now, I hadn't seen the Apple ads before. I live in Germany, after all. But, I tend to agree with the latter assessment. Just compare the ads and you'll figure it out.

Just take a look yourself. First, the "Bio" ad:

And the "CostCo" ad:

You can also watch the ads on the Carter Blog and leave a comment there.


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