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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday News Roundup

  • Andy Whyman writes an op-ed in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza saying that "anti-tax doesn't always mean 'efficient'". No, what it does mean is giving the rich another Jaguar while the children of this state won't get a good education let alone health care. (Link)
  • The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports that three of five seats on the South Lake Tahoe city council will be open this November. Anyone of you interested in running? (Link)
  • The Tribune also runs an editorial wondering what the cost of cracking down on immigration will be for the state. (Link)
  • There will be town hall debates tonight. In Minden. With candidates for Douglas County Commission and State Assembly. And they're all Republicans. WTF? Oh, yeah, and in case you wondered you can't just spontaneously ask questions. All questions must be submitted and will be screened. Yup, sounds Republican to me. The Record-Courier has the details. (Link)
  • The Associated Press kinda rewrote yesterday's RGJ article with a new flashy headline: "Gibbons, Heller accept funds from brothel owner". Oh, you guys are making Nevada proud! (Link)
  • Some whipping in the Nevada Appeal. "So stop complaining about 'media bias,' be thankful, and do your damn job" Robert Cutts tells us or the President for that matter. Anyhow, go read it and enjoy. (Link)
  • "The Ugliest Primary No One Is Watching" writes Headline reports the Las Vegas Sun. The best characterization of the Gibson-Titus lovefest I have read all season. The Sun's war correspondent reports. (Link)
  • Nevada's lawmaker's care more about animals than children. How cute! The Sun. (Link)
  • Goverwannabe Jim Gibbons now claims he never claimed to be anything but Mormon. As far as I know the Church of Latter Day Saints is probably not all too happy about him not showing up at church regularly and about his wife accepting contributions from a brothel owner. What gives. The Las Vegas Review-Journal. (Link)
  • I love how the Review-Journal manages to use Senator Ensignificant's name and the word significant in the same sentence. It's all about Reid's and Ensign's stance on the stem-cell research bill. Reid's for it, Ensign not so much. (Link) (BTW, here's Jack Carter's statement on the issue).
  • Charlie Brown's fundraising is almost record breaking. Though he doesn't have as much cash-on-hand as I wrote yesterday. Apparently both the Sierra Sun and I can't do the math. Damn! Anyway, he's raised quite a bit and that Doolittle had to spent a whopping million to win his primaries is no good sign for him. The Sacramento Bee. (Link)
  • Our very own Chancellor Angela Merkel is finally known around the American blogosphere. All thanks to an impromptu neck message of the US President which kinda reeked of harassment. It looked like something the assholes in school would do to point out who's in power. The world's falling to pieces and this man behaves like a high-school jerk. Good Lord. The San Francisco Chronicle reports. (Link)


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