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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Nevada GOP And The Adult Industry

While I did the latest news roundup I stumbled onto two articles which are unrelated to each other and yet give a pretty good picture of what is the Republican party in all its moral glory.

The Reno Gazette-Journal has a very Republican-centric view on elective politics. It's surprising Mr. Hagar actually manages to mention Northern Nevada's next Congresswoman Jill Derby. But maybe it's for the best since Mr. Hagar not only focuses on the money raised by candidates for Nevada's 2nd Congressional District but also on the source of the money.

Apparently, Ms. Club for Growth is getting all moral on her two "liberal" Republican competitors for taking money from two businessmen. While these two gentlemen might be doing a part of their business in the adult industry (the "gentlemen's club" Sin in Las Vegas and Lance's World Famous Brothel in Storey are mentioned) they are at least citizens of this state which cannot be said about the majority of Ms. Angle's contributors. So, maybe she's just jealous when she exclaims:

"It is not a prudent thing to do," Angle, who calls herself a faith-based politician, said about the donations from Gilman and Afra. "I would not do it. I believe that people want a higher standard from their legislators."

However, it's still fun to watch Mrs. Gibbons and Mr. Heller squirm:

"He is the developer of the largest industrial park in the world," Gibbons said. "It has nothing to do with his other entities. I'm not condoning it (Nevada's legalize prostitution)."

Heller said he knows Gilman and Arfa as businessmen only. He said he has never visited Gilman's brothels or Arfa's strip club.

"I know him at the business level," Heller said of Gilman. "I don't know him as a brothel owner and obviously, I don't condone that activity."

"As for Arfa, if you go to the secretary of state's Web site, the guy is listed as a business consultant," Heller said. "I have no idea what his activities on the side are. That is not his primary activity."

You just know that things aren't going too well for you when you have to emphasize that you never went to brothels and strip clubs. Wait! He didn't say that. The answer was only limited to Mr. Gilman's and Mr. Arfa's establishments. Is there anything you wanna confess, Mr. Secretary of State?

Speaking of the secretary of state. Anyone notice how Heller defends himself in that quote? By saying that Mr. Arfa is mentioned on the secretary of state's website "as a business consultant." Well, last time I checked Mr. Heller was the secretary of state. You're giving yourself an alibi, Dean? Oh, you naughty little boy. The weeks until the primary oughta be a lot of fun!

Speaking of fun. Mimi Miyagi aka Melody Damayo. She's also quite busy in the adult industry and running for Governor. As a Republican. Who would've thought!

Molly Ball of the Las Vegas Review-Journal had a blast at the gubernatorial candidate's extraordinary fundraiser in Las Vegas. And she also seems to have done extensive research. At least Molly's able to name some of Mimi's latest work.

Mimi "worked the room like a veteran politician." How'd she do that, you ask? By offering lap dances. It was all witnessed by none other than the chair of the Clark County Republican Party:
"I'm here to witness history," said John Hambrick, chair of the Clark County Republican Party, who brought his wife as a "chaperone" to the event. "No gubernatorial candidate has ever done this before." He was referring to karaoke.

Hambrick said the party has received complaints about Damayo's candidacy, especially since she appeared in the Boulder City Damboree parade on July 4. There was nothing the party could do about that, he noted. Similarly, the party couldn't refuse to link to Damayo's campaign Web site from the party's site, just like any other Republican candidate.

"We went over it real good," Hambrick said of Damayo's site. "There was nothing we could ban her for."

I just wonder whether Mimi will get a prime-time speaking slot at the next Republican National Convention. She's got the positions down "real good":
"I want everyone to know that I'm here to bring back the roots of the Republican party: freedom, freedom of speech, freedom to party, free enterprise," Damayo said. "Now it's time to limbo!"

Maybe, instead of electing her, we should let Ms. Angle clean house in Nevada's GOP. The folks down in Vegas don't seem to be all that capable in this respect.


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