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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - The Nevada GOP And The Adult Industry

Twice this week I've written a post on the Nevada GOP and its relations with the adult industry. For one week you'd think that would do. Well, you'd be wrong.

Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki aired an ad on his opponent Barbara Lee Woollen. When I first saw it I thought it was a joke, done by someone to discredit the Republican Party. I should have learned by now that Republicans are quite capable of discrediting their party all by themselves. The Vegas Pundit has the ad.

The ad suggests that Ms. Woollen isn't a real Republican because she hasn't voted in a Republican primary in oh so many years. Woollen has this reply in the Las Vegas Review-Journal - your best source for news on the Nevada GOP and the adult industry:
"I've been so discontented with candidates that I know in a lot of primaries, I have not voted," she said. "But always in the general election."
We sympathize, Barbara. We really do. And I bet a lot of Republican voters don't feel much different this August when they have to choose between you and Krolicki. His ad quickly moves on from the boring primary issue and uses Ms. Woollen's claim that she represents "family values" to air some adult film covers. The ad end with:
Her company name is listed on X-rated features. And Woollen earns money from the adult film industry. Barbara Lee Woollen: X-rated values, and too risky to be our next lieutenant governor.
Now, Ms. Woollen claims she didn't know that her company rented equipment to adult movies. And one has to wonder how the Krolicki campaign found out. Did some staffer or Mr. Krolicki himself go through his porn collection to find something. Did they find this by chance. And if so the one question that would remain is: Who in the world watches the credits of a porn movie?

What do we learn from all of this? That the Nevada Republican party seems to go for the-most-hypocritical- Republicans-in-the-country award and that Brian Krolicki is one of those hit-and-run guys. He has the guts to air such an ad and then hides behind his campaign manager when asked to comment. What a stud.

Watch out for the next installment of "The Nevada GOP and the adult industry". With these guys it might just come tomorrow.


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I just saw this ad moments ago and thought somewhat of the same thing. Its terrible!

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