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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Letter Of The Day - "Doolittle And Morality"

Today's letter of the day was written by Darrell Walker of Lincoln and published in the Sacramento Bee:

Rick Morgan's letter ("Doolittle foes' short memories," July 24) amazed me with its warped logic. Morgan attempted to justify Congressman John Doolittle's immorality by pointing to previous practitioners of sleazy behavior. Yes, politicians of both parties bend rules to their personal benefit, and they should be slammed for it.

Did Doolittle use his wife to skim off a percentage of his political money and put it in his bank account? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle vote for Bush's imperialistic war in Iraq? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle vote for tax cuts for the wealthy while supporting benefit cuts for the poor? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle grease the skids for Indian casinos while supposedly being opposed to gambling? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle vote to give huge cash benefits to Big Oil and Big Drug companies? That was immoral.

Did Doolittle take money from a defense contractor and push through acquisition of a weapon the Pentagon did not want? That was immoral.

Beneficiaries of Doolittle's immorality are glad to cross his palm with handsome checks. That is immoral.

There is a vast difference between illegal and immoral. It's time to put morality back into the public sphere.

The moral choice in this district is Charlie Brown. Check out his website or contribute to Charlie here.


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