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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So, Is There A Difference Between Two Famous Sons? You Bet!

The Secretary of State race in Nevada this year is special in that it feature two sons of famous Nevada figures from the past. On the one side you have the son of former UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian and on the other you have the son of former Governor Bob Miller.

Of course, both Republican Danny Tarkanian and Democrat Ross Miller both first have to win their respective primaries but everyone is already looking beyond August.

So, two sons of famous have-beens are running for office. Is there any difference? You bet. Just take a look at the profile of this race in the Nevada Appeal.

Here are Tarkanian's views:

If Tarkanian is elected Nevada's top elections official, he says he'll push for a requirement that voters show proof of citizenship when they register to vote and show a state identification card, such as a driver's license, when they go to the polls. He's opposed to letting people register to vote through Election Day.

In essence, Tarkanian is for voting restrictions. And, unlike Miller he doesn't really elaborate and why should he. It's so easy to run on immigrant bashing.

Take a look at what Miller has to say:

Miller, a Las Vegas attorney, wants tougher penalties for politicians who break campaign finance laws and a more centralized vote-by-mail system.

Under his proposal, major violations of state campaign contribution laws would become felonies, rather than civil violations, and public officials would be required to file all contribution and expense reports electronically. Contributions of more than $100 made in the month before the primary and general elections would have to be reported within two days.

Miller's plan also would impose felony penalties for intimidating voters and interfering with voter registration, and increase felony penalties for tampering with election equipment and registering to vote in more than one county.


Miller also would reform the initiative process to require the secretary of state, not the backers of an initiative, to write the title and description of a proposed petition. Failed initiatives couldn't appear on the ballot again for six years, and constitutional amendments would need two-thirds of the vote in two consecutive elections to pass.

The Secretary of State elections throughout the United States have become the most important elections this year. What harm bad Republican Secretaries of State can do has become evident in the last two presidential elections in Florida und Ohio.

Check out Ross Miller's campaign website and do what you can to support him!


Blogger Not Zogby said...

Before you slam Tarkanian for "immigrant bashing" because he's for showing photo ID at the polls, please note that Tarkanian is actually running on Jimmy Carter's proposal from this past year.

Yes, that's right. Jimmy Carter is the original "immigration basher"

10:27 PM


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