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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Krolicki Getting Sued, Coming Out Of Hiding

I know I've said it before, but I'll just say it again. For good measure: The Nevada Republican party is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today, Brian Krolicki comes out of hiding behind his campaign manager. Not sure if ridiculing by a very little, generally unknown blog had something to do with it. Anyway, the stud finally steps up and defends his attack ad on fellow Republican Barbara Lee Woollen, or Double Barb, as I'd like to call her. Just too many double letters in that darn name.

So, Double Barb has made true on her threats and has sued Nevada State Treasurer Brian Krolicki for slander and libel for, well, linking her to the adult industry. Says Double Barb:
"It is not right for him to jeopardize my company and my employees and the family members of my employees," Woollen said. "One of my managers's daughters, who is a teenager, came into the house crying yesterday because some of her peers were teasing her because her daddy makes pornographic films."
Of course, Krolicki reacts like the stud he is:

"There is no reason to pull factual items," Krolicki said. "I have no intentions of pulling the ads.

"This is Barbara Woollen once again using her personal wealth to intimidate, and I will not be intimidated by fancy lawyers and a lawsuit because my ads are correct. Her company has benefited financially from the adult film industry and that is a fact."

However, the best quote in this piece by the Reno Gazette-Journal comes courtesy of the stud's campaign manager:

Daniels said "Women: Stories of Passion" includes homosexual acts between two women. Daniels, however, said he only watched part of the movie.

"To be honest, it is a three-disk set and by the end of the first disk, I had had enough," he said.

You can just go ahead and insert your own joke here. He's just making it too damn easy, really.

We've just got one question for Double Barb: $10,000? That is all you're suing him for? Wouldn't it be a tad more dramatic to just add a couple of zeros?

In Germany we have a saying "wenn zwei sich streiten, freut sich der dritte" which in this case translates to "with the stud and Double Barb going at each other's throats, Lonnie Hammargren wins the primary." So much for German wisdom of the day.

If all those stuff is a little too childish for you, you just might wanna support a good candidate for Lieutenant Governor: Democrat Bob Unger.


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