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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Doolittle: "Truly Shameful"

Nope, that's not some blogger speaking here and not some letter-writer either. "Truly shameful" is the headline of an editorial in today's Sacramento Bee. Apparently Rep. John Doolittle will go to any lengths to win reelection this fall. According to the Bee he has sent out a bogus poll via email on official letterhead that asked: "Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote in our elections?"

That question is followed by a barrage of unsubstantiated claims about the amount of illegal voting going on. Of course all of those claims turn out to be not true. The Sacramento Bee has some choice words on Doolittle's little poll and his claims:

This is nothing but scaremongering and electioneering. The question itself is silly, and Doolittle knows it.

Either that or he's just plain dumb. I mean, you just never know. However, it's good to know the Bee's still giving a Congressman the benefit of the doubt.

So, is Doolittle playing the race card in order to win this fall? The Bee's not calling him a racist but you can read it between the lines:

The plain fact is that voting by illegal immigrants is not a big problem calling for draconian solutions. Equally plainly, Doolittle's "poll" is a sham. So is his claim that "thousands of illegal immigrants" are voting.

Doolittle knows all of this. That makes this e-mail and his efforts to whip up anti-immigrant sentiment all the more shameful.

Read the whole editorial here to get all the details of this story.

And support Charlie Brown for Congress. He can beat the shameful Congressman! You can contribute to Charlie here.


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Budget: A mathematical confirmation of your suspicions. "A.A Latimer"

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The real frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it "Doris Day"

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