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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday News Roundup

All of a sudden a whole bunch of papers require registration to read their stories. These include the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, The Record-Courier, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The regional papers around Tahoe don't even consider the possibility that people abroad may read their papers which becomes apparent when you have to fill out the registration. Well, thanks for that!

  • The Reno Gazette-Journal again pitches its voters guide which actually is quite good. (Link)
  • There are two good letters to the editor in today's RGJ. One by Ann Harmon of Zephyr Cove encouraging readers to vote for Dina Titus in the primary and another one Gene deRuelle of Reno giving us some insight into the movie equipment rental business re Double Barb and the adult industry. (Link) and (Link)
  • The Record-Courier has a report of a candidates' gathering in Genoa. (Link)
  • Somehow all the negative ads hasn't depressed voter turnout. Yet. At least early voting has had a good start. Let's wait till the 15th to see how many people actually voted. The Nevada Appeal. (Link)
  • "Who is Chaz Higgs?" asks the Las Vegas Sun and gives a thorough answer. (Link)
  • Well, Jim Gibson has some friends. Among newspaper reporters and editors. The Las Vegas Sun endorses the Henderson mayor in the Democratic primary and Erin Neff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal says she'll vote for him because she wants "a Democrat to run the State". Now, that's some warped logic! And, as if that weren't enough she tells Republicans to vote for Bob Beers. Goodness gracious. (Link) and (Link)
  • In its Washington Digest the Review-Journal notes the votes of Nevada's congressional delegation this week, including a bill written by the ensignificant Senator that would outlaw to "transport a minor across state lines for an abortion in order to avoid parental notification." Another step to totally outlaw abortion by the right and another reason to vote for Jack Carter. Again, Nevada's Democratic Senator Harry Reid, disappoints. He voted for this bill along with Ensign. While the bill passed 65-34 it was put on hold by Sen. Dick Durbin, the Minority Whip. California Sen. Barbara Boxer voted against the bill - as did a couple of Republican Senators. What's up with that Senator Reid? Sen. Dianne Feinstein did not vote. (Link)
  • The Sacramento Bee takes a look at the evolvement of Latino politics in a lengthy article. (Link)
  • The LA Times runs a book excerpt on the Arnold's relationship with the teachers union. In case you're wondering what the German "Dummkopf" in the graphic means, it can be literally translated to "dumbhead" or just "stupid". (Link)


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