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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Updated Links

I've just gone through all the links on the sidebar and threw all the ones out that either didn't work anymore or haven't been updated in a long time.

New links include:

Nevada Assembly Democrats
Dullard Mush
Rural Nevada Democratic Caucus Blog
The Next President Visits Nevada
Hotline On Call
Political Wire
The Gavel

There are two other sites that I would have liked to permanently link to but just couldn't:

Dina Titus Blog
Las Vegas Sun Politics

Both sites are supposed to be blogs (one can only guess so in the case of LVS Politics since it's hosted on TypePad). However, both are just not blogs. The Dina Titus Blog had a total of only 4 posts in February which are not even in chronological order and there still is no feed for her site. As for LVS Politics. Well, go look for yourself. You will be hard pressed to find anything other than articles published in the Las Vegas Sun. That ain't a blog. That's recycling! And just really sad as the journalists of the LVS would actually have something valuable to say, I suppose.

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