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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rob Haswell: "I Ardently Support Proposition 89"

Read part III of this interview here.

This is fourth and final part of my interview with Rob Haswell, candidate for the California Assembly in the 4th district:

There has been much talk about the prison crisis in California. Do you think the “Three strikes law” is to fault for this and would you try to change it? What else should be done?

Well, I think that anytime you implement a program that fundamentally changes sentencing procedures to eliminate discretion, it's going to result in an explosion of incarceration. We have to work more on the front end of this problem, by prioritizing education again in this state, for example, so that we have the opportunity to start reducing the numbers of people that are entering the prison system.

You’ve made voting rights one of your main campaign issues. What do you intend to change?

Well, one of my top priorities is public financing for elections and that's why I ardently support Proposition 89. Our election system is the most important facet of our democracy because it is the People’s voice. Currently, we have a system that is heavily favored to the wealthy and the powerful. We need to level the playing field so that regular people can once again run for office. I also believe ardently that we must take great lengths to secure the vote and to count the votes accurately and securely. I'm for open source voting machines that are auditable. To that end, I endorse Debra Bowen for Secretary of State of California. Debra has made election integrity one of her main issues as a state senator.

If elected in November, what will be your priorities in the Assembly?

· Pushing for political reform, such as Clean Money elections and real non-partisan redistricting.

· Regional planning solutions that give incentives for smart growth, public transportation solutions and the preservation of open space.

· Meaningful healthcare reform.

· Prioritizing public education so we return California to among the top public school systems in the country.

I'd like to thank Rob for talking to Turn Tahoe Blue. I hope that during the week you have learned a little more about this district and about Rob. You can help Rob win in November and help the people of the 4th district get the represenation in the Assembly that they deserve by clicking on the links below:

Rob Haswell's Campaign Website

Haswell Campaign Journal

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