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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One Outrageous Ensign Vote After Another

Sarah Carter has got a great new feature over at the Carter Blog. They've digged up all the outrageous votes of John Ensign's soon to be terminated Senate career and Sarah's publishing one every day. Here's today's entry:

We haven't forgotten yesterday's news about Sen. Ensign allowing President Bush to grab control of the National Guard, but that's not the only outrageous vote Sen. Ensign has taken in the past six years. For example, do you know anyone who has to pay for prescription medications? John Ensign voted against saving them money.

On July 31, 2002, the Senate imposed cloture -- preventing a filibuster -- on Senate Amendment 4299, which would modify Senate Bill 812 to permit commercial importation of lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada. That cloture vote passed 66-33. Ensign was one of the 33 Senators trying to block that amendment. S.B. 812 passed the Senate, but the Republican-dominated House of Representatives kept it from becoming law. Otherwise, you'd be paying less for prescription drugs right now.

Canadians pay less money for the same prescription drugs that we get in the U.S. Why? Because President Bush and his Republican rubber-stamp Congress want it that way. Lobbyists pay them a lot of money to want it that way.

John Ensign talks a lot about lower taxes, but he's happy to let whatever money people save in taxes go right into the pockets of his corporate sponsors like the drug companies.

John Ensign was wrong to prevent entrepreneurs from lowering the cost of U.S prescription drugs. Jack Carter would have voted the right way -- for the benefit of all Nevadans, not just wealthy ones. That's how Nevada wants its Senators to vote.

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Blogger frankg said...

Look for a new Zogby poll to be released any day now. I completed mine today and gave the usual responses. Bush: Very unfavorable, Poor. Carter, Titus, Derby.
There is some speculation as to the accuracy of Zogby's number. But there is a relative lack of polling for NV.

7:20 PM


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