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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ted Gaines Too "Busy" To Talk To Voters

Ted Gaines (pictured above with his mentor, the corrupt and ineffective John Doolittle) is too "busy" to go out and meet the voters in his district. This has gone so far that the Auburn Journal felt compelled to write a story about it:
As the Nov. 7 general election draws near, District 4 California State Assembly candidates Rob Haswell and Ted Gaines are battling hard in last-push efforts to reach out to voters.

But while one candidate has attended many public forums, the other has chosen not to show up.

Democratic candidate Haswell, 43 has been walking precincts, phone banking and attending any public forum he can.
To be fair, Gaines did show up at one forum:
"Ted did accept one forum, but it was not open to the public," Haswell said. "I would be willing to accept any offer and I was hoping that we would have some debates."
But wait it gets better. Here's what Ted Gaines has to say about it:
"I have just been trying to juggle all of my activities - my family, my business and my duties as a supervisor," Gaines said. "Those combined with campaigning have really kept me busy. I am getting out there and trying to meet as many voters as I can."
After reading this "excuse", what do you think? Do you honestly believe that this man will work his ass off for the residents of his district? Or will he be too "busy" to care? I've got a faint feeling that this man has a sense of entitlement, that he feels because this has been a Republican district for quite a while, that the annointment by John Doolittle is all he needs.

Well, Mr. Gaines, it takes a little more than that. Not debating your opponent, not showing up at public forums, not caring what the voters think is not the best choice.

There is of course an alternative to Ted "Busy" Gaines.

Rob Haswell has toured the district tirelessly, meeting as many voters as he possibly can and answering all their questions. If you haven't heard about Rob yet or if you want to learn more about him, then read this interview Rob has given to Turn Tahoe Blue.

If you think Rob deserves your support then vote for him and consider contributing to his campaign. As little as $5 will go a long way!


Blogger mccullyc said...

Gaines did a teleconference call with Tahoe area residents on November 5, 2007. I thought that this was an interesting way to reach out to people. He was able to take specific questions from people and he seemed more than willing to do his best to answer. If he does more of this, maybe he will earn a different reputation. Or is he really deserving of this articles criticism?

8:27 PM


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