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Thursday, November 02, 2006

12 Questions For The Doolittle Congressman

Doolittle's running scared and consequently, since he doesn't know any better, he's running a nasty, nasty campaign. Fortunately, Charlie Brown is the last guy to be swiftboated and today they challenged the corrupt empty suit to answer a couple of questions:
1. If you believe subjecting people to sex slavery, forced abortions, sweatshops, and religious persecution on U.S. soil is wrong, why have you supported the government of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas (CNMI) and blocked 29 bi-partisan efforts to reign in these well documented abuses?

2. Why did your good friend Jack Abramoff refer to you as “a hero” for the Northern Marianas , and why did you help him win a multi-million dollar CNMI lobbying contract?

3. Why did Jack Abramoff continue to pay your wife’s consulting firm $5,000 a month for almost one full year after the event she was hired to produce was cancelled? If work was done, why will you not release the documents to prove this?

4. Why do you say it is ethical for elected officials to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars in tainted campaign contributions from people convicted of bribing Members of Congress?

5. Why do you think it is ethical for an elected official to divert up to 15% of every special interest dollar into a family bank account?

6. Why did you earmark $37 million in defense contracts the military never requested during a time of war for a man who is the key conspirator in the bribery conviction of Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham?

7. If you support the troops as you have claimed, how can you justify voting yourself a raise every year while voting against combat raises for our troops and adequate VA healthcare funding?

8. How can you justify attacking the patriotism of a family who has for 3 generations fought to defend this country and our constitution?

9. As a member of the House leadership, did you help Speaker Hastert and Congressional leadership cover up Congressman Foley’s advances on underage Congressional Pages for more than two years? Why have you not returned campaign contributions from Rep. Foley?

10. Why have you voted against funding law enforcement efforts to catch sexual predators who exploit children over the internet?

11. Why did you help convicted sexual predator David Roy Phipps get lenient sentencing?

12. If you are not under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department for bribery as you claim, why will you not release the records that prove your innocence?
Help Charlie win!


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