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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Gibbons Now Resorts To Cursing

What's a man gonna do? It's been an awful couple of weeks for the Wannabegovernor. First there were and still are, are again (who can keep up with it all?) the sexual assault allegations, then there's nannygate. And everyone took an interest in the backbencher, even people outside of Nevada - national blogs and the "real" media.

And suddenly, adding to the allegations of assault and employing an illegal immigrant we now have the rather conservative and Republican friendly Wall Street Journal giving all its got to make sure Jim Gibbons will forever remain a wannabe governor.

The WSJ has one of those stupid firewalls and a history student just hasn't got the resources (or the will for that matter) to pay to read their stories. Therefore, I was very glad to see the Nevada Appeal pick the AP roudup of the story up:
A news report is raising a series of questions about ties between Rep. Jim Gibbons, the Republican candidate for Nevada governor, and a Reno-based software entrepreneur and political donor.

A report today by the Wall Street Journal focuses on the relationship between Gibbons and Warren Trepp, owner of eTreppid Technologies, a company with millions of dollars in classified federal software contracts from the Air Force, U.S. Special Operations Command and the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Journal also reported that Trepp and his wife hosted Gibbons and his wife, former state Assemblywoman Dawn Gibbons, R-Reno, and others on a weeklong Caribbean cruise in March 2005. Trepp also has been a generous Gibbons campaign supporter.

So, what's Gibbons' response?

“I am not hiding a damn thing,” he said, “and Warren is not the kind of person who’d do anything like that.”

Clearly, the Gibmeister is losing his nerves. Can you say Governor Titus?

Read all the juicy and complicated details here, including this fun and entirely logic, in a Gibbons sort of way, part:
On the Caribbean trip, the Trepps hosted the Gibbonses and others including actors Patrick Swayze and John O’Hurley, who played the role of J. Peterman in the “Seinfeld” television series, on a weeklong Caribbean cruise in March 2005. The Trepps and Gibbonses flew back to Nevada after the cruise on a chartered Boeing 727 paid for by Trepp.

Dawn Gibbons said she gave a $1,654 check to Trepp’s wife to help pay for the trip, and put $1,508 on her credit card for on-board expenses. An agent for the cruise line estimated the cost of a comparable cruise for a family of three at more than $10,000, excluding airfare.

Uithoven said Wednesday the Gibbonses paid the full amount requested by their hosts, adding, “They wanted to pay their way, they were told how much to pay and they paid it.”
Help Dina Titus win!


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