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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Why I Love Nevada

On my recent trip to Nevada I was reminded why I love the place so much. Above picture really tells it all, I took it in January when temperatures hovered around 0 degrees on Eastlake Blvd on the southern tip of Washoe Lake. I love the mountains, the snow, Lake Tahoe, the clear blue skies, the vast terrain. Never in my life have I seen the stars as clearly as during my year in Nevada. I just can't help it. I love this place. And I'm longing to come back!



Blogger billy said...

My 87 year-old Mom and I moved to South Reno almost two years ago. She grew up in Wisconsin and loves her lakes and rivers. So we head down to this very spot (near Dog Rock) every couple of weeks. She's looking foward to getting in the water next spring at the boat launch.

Great hiking just above this area. Up to the Gazebo and beyond onto the steep jeep trails. Awesome hike over to Gold Hill/Virgina City.

Have you checked http://dontucker.blogspot.com/

-Billy Howard
Green4Obama | RENObama!

3:47 AM


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