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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Harry Reid's "the New Sheriff in Town"

The Bush administration has proven time and again its contempt for Congress, most openly by misusing recess appointments (like in the case of U.N. Ambassador John Bolton). Senator Reid apparently wants to end this practise, which is wise considering that Bush might replace Gonzales by using another recess appointment in August. Here's the scoop:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has a little trick up his sleeve that could spell an end to President Bush's devilish recess appointments of controversial figures like former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton. We hear that over the long August vacation, when those types of summer hires are made, Reid will call the Senate into session just long enough to force the prez to send his nominees who need confirmation to the chamber. The talk is he will hold a quickie "pro forma" session every 10 days, tapping a local senator to run the hall. Senate workers and Republicans are miffed, but Reid is proving that he's the new sheriff in town.

There is an interesting discussion in the comments thread over at Daily Kos whether this will actually work but you have to give Reid credit for trying by bringing some much needed Nevada values to Washington.

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